THIRTY Coffee, Paddington

Cafes, Eat, Sydney / 21 September 2016

THIRTY Coffee do good coffee and even better bacon-and-egg rolls.

THIRTY Coffee have undoubtedly been keeping their finger on the pulse when it comes to tracking the latest dining hotspots in Sydney. Opening their doors just over two months ago in leafy Paddington, they are a stones throw from the newly renovated Paddington Inn. If you take a short stroll down the hill towards The London pub and head upstairs you’ll find, East London which opened a few months ago. In the opposite direction newly re-designed pub The Light Brigade and The Paddington are ready to serve. All offer great night time drink and dine options. But for the morning and lunch time, THIRTY coffee is the place to be.
Owner of THIRTY Coffee, Nick O’Neill highlights the glaringly obvious truth: Paddington is undergoing a foodie rebirth. It made only sense therefore for him to set up his own enterprise in this thriving neighbourhood.
thirty coffee paddington
Walk too quickly and you’ll miss THIRTY Coffee, so be sure to slow your pace right down on bustling Oxford street to find this hole-in-the-wall cafe. Before long, you’ll soon join the large cluster of customers spilling out of the front entrance. The space is noticeably tight, reminiscent of the terrace style housing abundant in the suburb itself. This interior favours a raw, untampered design, using rendered concrete, natural timber finishes and neutral paint tones. A small number of bar stools are scattered around the place. If you didn’t know better, you’d think that the interior design feels almost a little too minimal or that it was an after thought. You’d be wrong. The rich soul of this cafe is there. You just need to look closely.
thirty coffee mug
Order a filtered coffee ($5) and it will come served in a handmade ceramic mug from Japanese producer Ceramic Studio En. An imported La Marzocco espresso machine glistens proudly in the middle of the room. A large vase of Australian natives adds a necessary pop of colour to the space.
thirty coffee coffee machine
A long concrete bar is the only medium separating patrons from the kitchen. Take a seat on one of the bar stools and you’ll soon unashamedly stare at O’Neill at work. The frothing of milk, frying of bacon, assemblage of multiple granola bowls looks almost effortless.
Coffee is something that THIRTY Coffee does exceptionally well. The Single Origin Roasters Paradox blend offers intense depth of flavour and complexity. It’s no surprise that THIRTY Coffee are perpetuating Sydney’s high quality coffee culture. Looking for something outside the coffee cup? Why not try an Ovvio Organic tea or a golden turmeric latte, made with turmeric, ginger, cinammon and black pepper ($4.50).
thirty coffee bacon egg roll
A visit THIRTY Coffee isn’t complete without tasting their signature bacon-and-egg roll ($14). When I asked O’Neill how the eggs are cooked, he explained that they sit in a sous vide machine at 63 degrees for just over an hour. Just prior to service, the eggs are then lightly fried in a pan for just under a minute. Although this method may seem laborious, the end result is something to behold. The egg is crispy on the exterior and with an incredibly gooey and oozy interior. Nestled between these two milk buns is also a generous amount of dry cured, smokey bacon. For something a little different, you’ll also find some seriously tasty crunchy cabbage slaw to chomp on. Bringing the dish together is the manchego and mango BBQ sauce.
Other on-trend food items include the smashed avocado on toast with coriander, pickled chilli and lime ($14.50). For the #cleaneating fanatics, we recommend the granola ($12.50). This bowl is both a visual and health conscious delight, served with coconut yoghurt, rhubarb compote, apple, topped with a super grains and seeds mix.
Needing a brunch plan this weekend? Swing by this trendy cafe and immerse yourself amongst friendly staff, good coffee and even better better bacon-and-egg rolls.
After your yummy brunch, why not mosey through the Paddington Markets? It’s one of the best fashion markets in Sydney!
422 Oxford St, Paddington
(02) 9331 1807
Hours include Mon to Fri 7am–4pm, Sat & Sun 8am–4pm