The Wiseman Whiskey: Kentucky’s Finest Now in Australia

Drink / 11 November 2023
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The Wiseman Whiskey: Kentucky’s Finest Now in Australia

Drink / 11 November 2023

A Taste of Kentucky Down Under

Kentucky: the name itself evokes images of rolling hills and, of course, the world’s top-notch bourbon. It’s the birthplace of 95% of the world’s bourbon, after all. Now, The Wiseman, a highly acclaimed Kentucky straight whiskey, has landed on Aussie shores for the first time.

The Wiseman Whisky

Crafted by a Legend

At the helm of this whiskey’s creation is John Rhea, a Bourbon Hall of Famer with 40 years of industry know-how. Coming out of retirement in 2021, John put his unmatched skills to work, making sure every bottle delivers an experience like no other.

The Wiseman Bourbon: A Sensory Journey

This straight bourbon isn’t just any bourbon; it’s a Double Gold winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in both 2022 and 2023. Offering a mix of sweet caramel aroma and a touch of allspice, every sip is a balanced blend of caramel and spice. Plus, you can’t miss the hints of citrus and oak that make it all the more appealing.

A Spicy Counterpart: The Wiseman Rye

While the bourbon is quite the charmer, let’s not overlook The Wiseman Rye. Also a Gold winner in San Francisco, this rye whiskey brings a bold palette to the table. Picture fresh rye bread, dashes of sweet caramel, and sprinkles of cinnamon—all bottled up. It’s hearty, it’s robust, and it makes for an unforgettable sip.

Why It Matters

John Rhea didn’t just create these whiskies; he crafted experiences. His dedication ensures that whether it’s bourbon or rye, you’re getting quality and taste in every bottle. And now, these fine spirits have become a part of Australia’s vibrant whiskey scene.

Where to Buy

Ready for a premium experience? Head over to The Whisky List to grab your bottle. The Wiseman is priced at $120, while The Wiseman Rye will set you back $130.

So, go on, bring a bit of Kentucky into your home. Cheers!