Day In The Life – A Weekend In Lockdown

Guide, Sydney / 12 July 2021
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Day In The Life – A Weekend In Lockdown

Guide, Sydney / 12 July 2021

From self-care routines to entertaining activities, here’s everything I get up to on a weekend in lockdown.

1. Meditation in bed

There’s no doubt it’s starting to feel like groundhog day so it’s important to check in with your mental health. For me, this means waking up slow, and pressing play on a virtual meditation session delivered by Luke McLeod from Soul Alive. His soothing voice provides all the calming and restorative feels you need to handle whatever COVID updates are thrown at you throughout the day. I suggest becoming a member to receive a weekly program of meditations. If you want to try before you buy, here’s a free 30-minute lockdown meditation delivered by Luke himself on Instagram.

2. Coffee time

Caffeine plays a pivotal part in my daily routine to keep me sane and provide the energy I so desperately need. As soon as my meditation is over, I head to the kitchen to make a quality brew with either an Aeropress or a V60 pour-over because let’s face it, we do have the time to make filter coffee in lockdown. I find a sunny spot by the window, sip my coffee slowly and more often than not, go back for seconds. I have Single O, Mecca and Sample on rotation which are all roasted right here in Sydney and can be delivered to your door.

3. Get that Vitamin D

There’s no better feeling than sunshine being soaked into your pores and getting a breath of fresh salty air. Since exercise is one of the only reasons we can leave the house, I take myself on an hour-long walk around my neighbourhood or explore the great outdoors on some of Sydney’s best coastal walks. You’d be surprised by the beauty that’s right in our backyards. I use this time to reflect and often, to listen to a podcast and totally zone out. We’ve rounded up our top podcast picks to pass the time.

4. Did someone say ricotta hotcakes?

I’m a sucker for weekend brunches and since I can’t check into Bills and order a sweet serve of his famous Ricotta Hotcakes, I make my own magic at home. With the help of Instagram recipe maker, Recipearce, I have all the steps I need to make deliciously fluffy hotcakes that hit the spot. The best part? You usually have all the ingredients hiding at the back of your pantry so this brunch doesn’t cost a cent.

5. Revival of the puzzles

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a puzzle and this one by Lakkari Pitt will sure test your patience. I turned my dining room table into a work station, popped on my favourite Tame Impala record and made another coffee. It’s crazy how doing a puzzle can feel like a kind of meditation. Dust off those old puzzle boxes in the back of your cupboard and give them some love this lockdown.

6. Lunch in lockdown

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been going all out with weekend lunches. To save a trip to the shops, I order a boujee cheese platter online and a bottle of French Rosé to have delivered. My partner and I graze the afternoon away, snacking on top-notch cheese, olives, cured meats and freshly made dips. There’s no reason you can’t make lunch an occasion, or even a cheeky date.

7. Self care session

By 5pm, it’s time to pamper myself with a skincare routine that I’d only ever have time for in lockdown. I jump in the shower and get dirty with Frank Body, you know that coffee scrub everyone’s been talking about since 2014. I get out smelling somewhere between brown sugar and coffee and pop on the Jiinju avocado face mask. This is my cheap thrill of the year and you can pick it up for just $4 at Woolworths.

8. Dinner date

You can’t go out for dinner, but there’s no reason you can’t get dressed up, light a pillar candle and make it fancy. I jump onto our recent takeaway guide and select from a bunch of delicious offerings. Since we can’t travel, I ordered Olio to bring a piece of Sicily goodness to the table. Think Triple-Cooked Octopus, Smoked Buffalo Burrata, Artisinal Squid Ink Pasta, Pork Ragu Parpadelle and Tiramisu.

9. Zoom party

It’s important we stay connected and check in with our friends and family in lockdown. I like to do this with a premeditated Zoom party that involves cocktails, banter and a whole lot of laughs. I jump onto our recent takeaway cocktail guide and get this party pack of Maybe Sammy cocktails delivered to the door.

10. Netflix & chill

When the day comes to an end, it’s time to unwind and there’s nothing better than getting consumed in a good Netflix series. I am currently hooked on The Serpent, which is based on the crimes of serial killer Charles Sobhraj who murdered young tourists between 1975 and 2000. It’s totally binge-worthy and you pick up some incredible styling tips from the 70s along the way.