10 Sydney Set Menus For Under $100

Eat, Food Guide, Sydney / 8 August 2022

We’ve lined up our favourite Sydney set menus under $100, to ease your dish-indecision dilemma.

You’ve successfully locked in the squad for an overdue foodie feed, but negotiations don’t end there! Between dietaries and monthly budgets, finding a restaurant to appease the masses is no mean feat. Luckily for you, we’ve lined up our favourite Sydney restaurants where you and your friends can devour a generous set menu for under $100 without the stress of deciding what to order. 

Alpha, Sydney CBD

Alpha is way up there on our list of Sydney’s best Greek restaurants and with good reason! This restaurant offers a relaxed approach to classic, Greek food from award-winning chef Peter Conistis. The menu showcases local ingredients reworked into traditional recipes, the result is a fresh, simple and balanced feed that everyone at the table will adore.

Alpha offers four set menus, three of which come in under a hundy – the $75pp Yiayia’s Menu features 11 dishes served share-style and features all the menu favourites including; Taramosolata with white cod’s roe dip and bottarga; Halloumi Saganaki with poached figs, pistachios and lemon; culminating in a main of Feta Brined BBQ Chicken with tourlou tourlou and kordalia. 

For $95pp why not try Papou’s Menu, featuring 12 signature dishes including a decadent dessert of White Fig Baklava with almonds, chocolate and burnt fig ice cream. For our pals of the plant persuasion, you’ll also find a $65pp Vegan set menu which features 9 delicious plant-based dishes to devour.

  • PRICE | Gaia (vegan) Menu $65PP | $75pp Yiayia’s Menu | $95pp Papou’s Menu
Best Set Menus Under $100
Chin Chin, Surry Hills

Next up, we’re off for a riotous collision of casual South East Asian, contemporary art and good ol’ Surry Hills vibes. Chin Chin is all about stimulating the kind of sensory overload that you’ll keep going back for. The menu showcases a rowdy mix of South East Asian dishes, with a soft spot for the harmony and delicacy of Thai. 

Chin Chin has lined up 3 ‘Feed Me’ menus which do exactly what they say on the tin. If like us you catch a little menu overwhelm, then the $88pp Chefs Banquet is the answer to all your dish-indecision dilemmas. Graze a starter of Kingfish Sashimi with lime, chilli, coconut and thai basil before moving on to a hearty shared main of Twice Cooked Beef Rib with shaved coconut and prik nahm pla.

  • PRICE | Chef’s Banquet $88PP

Best Set Menus Under $100

Maydonaz, Sydney CBD

Maydanoz burst onto the Sydney dining scene earlier this year with a new genre of plant-predominant dining featuring an all-Turkish, all-authentic menu inspired by the vegetable-driven fare from the Aegean Turkish coast. 

With most of the dishes prepared ‘zeytinyagli’ style (cooked in olive oil), the set menu heroes ingredients like; wild weeds; fresh herbs; ancient seeds; grains; and legumes – perfect for pleasing vegan and vegetarian diners and at $88pp, you can rest assured it’s also pretty pleasing on the purse!

The 9 dish (5 course) Feast Menu dives through a flavour-packed tour of the Aegean coast with menu highlights including a Smoked Beetroot Sandwich with rhubarb and barrel-aged feta, plus a hearty Haloumi Kebab with honey, sesame and rosemary ash.

  • PRICE | Feast Menu $88PP
Sama Sama, Barangaroo

Sama Sama (meaning, “you’re welcome” in Indonesian) was inspired by owner David Bae’s travels through places like Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Sama Sama brings a hearty dose of the countries gastronomic highlights to Barangaroo with a smorgasbord of delicious dishes designed to share. 

The $79pp Feed Me menu includes 9 signature dishes with the option to customise your menu with a choice of mains. The Mud Crab Dumplings are an absolute must-try before moving on to the your main of your choice – Kung Pau Chicken or market-fresh Barramundi. 

  • PRICE | Feed Me $79PP

Best Set Menus Under $100

Long Chim, Sydney CBD

Long Chim means “come and try” – and the menus propose just that –  a balanced and generous selection of authentic dishes at one of Sydney’s most beloved Thai restaurants. 

The ‘Maa Long Chim’ (come, try & taste) set menu’s are the perfect place to begin your culinary Thai adventure. With two menus both coming in under $100, the only question left to answer is ‘how hungry are you?’. 

The $79pp Classic Maa Long Chim is a celebration of Long Chim favourites for a true taste of Bangkok, the menu features dishes like their famed Aromatic Chicken Curry with sweet potato, cucumber relish, fried eshallots and coconut cream, while their $99pp Signature Maa Long Chim Menu reaches its pinnacle with a Beef Mussman Curry with black cardamon, pickled mustard greens and coconut cream.

  • PRICE | Classic Maa Long Chim $79PP | Signature Maa Long Chim $99PP
Nour, Surry Hills

Looking for a Middle Eastern menu that doesn’t play by the rules? Head to Surry Hills’ Nour restaurant to find just that. This Lebanese-inspired menu takes classic dishes and reinvents them with a creative touch, delivering an unrestricted approach to food and cocktails that are vibrant, bold and oh-so-delicious.

The $89PP Banquet Menu showcases 7 chef-picked dishes including a starter of Chemen Cured Beef Basturma with medjool date & vine leaf salata, for mains, a Barberry Glazed Lamb Shoulder with shaved beans and green zhug, and to finish – a unique Tamir and Olive Oil Cake served with coconut labneh and jazarieh. 

  • PRICE | Banquet Menu $89PP 
Grana, Sydney CBD

If you’ve eaten your way through our list of Sydney’s best pasta dishes, you’ll be familiar with Grana’s ‘simple dishes, made well’ philosophy.  Grana means “grain”, which is at the heart of what they do, sourcing NSW grain and milling it on-site to produce the flour used throughout the in-house bakery, pasta room and pastry kitchen to produce fresh and delicious treats to enjoy.

Grana’s shared menu comes in at $69PP and features a 4 course italian feast. For mains you’ll enjoy fresh Gigli pasta, just like nonna used to make, with nduja, charred octopus and cime di rapa. Upgrade to the $89PP shared menu and you’ll enjoy the homemade Capellini that we can’t stop talking about. Served al dente with charred broccoli sprinkles, zesty lime and a subtle hit of chilli. Crunchy pangrattato takes this dish to another level as well as the anchovies hidden throughout.

  • PRICE | Shared Menu $69PP | Shared Menu $89PP

Best Set Menus Under $100

Cho Cho San, Potts Point 

Name a more people-pleasing cuisine than Japanese, we’ll wait. Cho Cho San serves a generous dose of flavour with inventive Izakaya-inspired dishes that deliver maximum enjoyment for the whole table.    

The $65pp Izakaya Set Menu features 7 dishes weaving in beloved classics like Eggplant Miso, and breaded pork Tonkastu with bulldog sauce, as well as inventive new combinations like the Pumpkin Pudding dessert served with miso caramel and silken tofu. If you’re feeling hungry, opt for the $95PP Cho Cho San Feast, showcasing 9 decadent dishes including their XO Crab Rice with katsuobushi. 

  • PRICE | Izakaya Set Menu $69PP | Cho Cho San Feast $95PP
Alegre, Darling Harbour 

Alegre is an upmarket Mexican restaurant bringing beats, barbacoa, mezcals and Mayan food techniques to Darling Harbour. The menu pays homage to traditional Mayan cooking methods infused with distinctly Australian native ingredients.

Inspired by memorable meals in Tulum, the $89PP Experience Share Menu serves up the ultimate taste of Mexico with an 8 dish set menu. You’ll enjoy satiating signatures like the Achiote Chicken Taco with chipotle mayo, burnt pineapple, pickled jalapeño, onion, avocado & coriander before moving onto to shared mains of Mayan Spiced Charcoal King Prawns and a sweet, sour and spicy Milk Chocolate Delice with passionfruit & habanero foam to finish. 

  • PRICE | Experience Share Menu $89PP

La Salut, Redfern

Inspired by the bars and restaurants of Catalonia, everything from the wine on the shelves to the friendly hospitality will transport you straight to a bar in Barcelona. One of our favourite Sydney Wine Bars, La Salut’s wine list explores the breadth of Spanish wine via 200 bottles, spotlighting contemporary, ground-breaking winemakers as well as the region’s big hitters. 

To accompany your wine tour La Salut serves up two set menus at $75 and a $90. The sample menu features Basque country faves like Pickled Sardines served swimming in smoked olive oil with pickled garlic, sweet paprika and eggplant purée. For dessert, feast on Turron – the nougat-like sweet of South-West Europe – with coffee ganache.

  • PRICE | $75 Set Menu, $90 Set Menu
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