Maydanoz: A New Genre Of Plant-Predominant Dining Featuring An All Turkish, All Authentic Menu

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 24 May 2022

Inspired by the vegetable-driven fare from the Aegean Turkish coast, at Maydanoz, meat is the side-act to the main event.

For vegans, choosing a spot to dine with omnivorous friends can be a tough call to make. Our plant-based pals can sometimes be left with but a couple of sad side dishes to choose from while the rest of the table devours a meaty menu. The tables are well and truly turning at Maydonaz though where the menu is predominantly plant-based, and 100% authentic reflecting the veggie-driven mezze found on the Aegean Turkish coast. 

Showcasing traditional dishes from the western region of Turkey, where plant-led dining is abundant, the meat will be used as a supporting act to veg. With most of the dishes prepared ‘zeytinyagli’ style (cooked in olive oil), hero ingredients will include wild weeds; fresh herbs; ancient seeds, grains and legumes. This is the third venue launch from Origins Dining Group and the first to showcase vegetables in this way. 

Celebrated Turkish chef and owner Somer Sivrioğlu says. “We are thrilled to debut a new dining concept for Sydney with the launch of Maydanoz, as one of the country’s first plant-predominant Turkish restaurants. So often, people equate Turkish cuisine to kebab or lamb, but in fact, the meat is often secondary to the incredible array of vegetable-driven dishes available in Turkish cuisine, particularly in the West. We look forward to introducing Sydney to this side of Turkish cuisine, and to continue showcasing the incredible wines from the region as well”.

Sydney’s smorgasbord of outstanding Middle Eastern Restaurants is a failsafe option when catering to dietaries and as more people turn to plant-based diets and make an active effort to enjoy a more sustainable offering, Maydanoz is at the forefront of a new genre of dining that isn’t plant-exclusive, but plant-predominant and inclusive for all.

Designed by the revered Sydney-based hospitality project team, Guru Projects, the venue draws inspiration from the Aegean coastline, combining opulent greens and gold tones, with marble countertops and velvet banquettes throughout. The venue will be complete with a chef’s table for special events and collaborations; as well as a large wine library behind the bar, replete with unique Turkish wines imported by Somer.

Maydanoz is now open 6 days per week for dinner, launching lunch from May 26th. Secure a booking here