Fine Dining Taken To New Heights With Vertigo

Cool Sh*t / 16 August 2023

Brisbane Powerhouse is about to redefine fine dining with the launch of Vertigo, a groundbreaking vertical restaurant.

Scheduled to open its doors in October 2023, Vertigo will introduce Brisbane to its first vertical dining concept, perched an impressive four stories above the ground, gracefully extending over Brisbane Powerhouse’s industrial facade. Combining gourmet dining with heart-pounding adventure, this offering is something entirely new to the Australian culinary scene.

As guests ascend to the rooftop, a thrilling spectacle unfolds – diners strap into safety harnesses and find themselves suspended in the open air, seated at tables that hang daringly in space. The backdrop? A panorama of the city’s skyline provides an unmatched vantage point of Brisbane’s urban beauty.

Yet, Vertigo is much more than an adrenaline rush; it’s a celebration of exquisite cuisine. The skilled chefs from Bar Alto, a renowned Brisbane establishment, have curated a delectable meal that highlights the finest local ingredients.

After the feast concludes, diners have a choice: either descend within the Brisbane Powerhouse itself or opt for one last adventure by gently lowering themselves down the building’s facade.

Vertigo is the result of a unique partnership between Brisbane Powerhouse and Riverlife, a seasoned outdoor tourism operator. Kate Gould, CEO/Artistic Director of Brisbane Powerhouse, describes Vertigo as an unprecedented fusion of adventure tourism and fine dining, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that’s sure to stir excitement.

Vertigo is set anticipated to attract both locals and visitors in search of an extraordinary experience. Reservations are $250 per person including your set menu. Find out more here.