The Best Restaurants In Surry Hills

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Surry Hills is one of Sydney’s most popular foodie suburbs, and with good reason.

Ah, Surry Hills. What’s not to love about this bustling inner-city spot. Brimming with cafes, bars and countless delicious dining spots, Surry Hills is one of our favourite foodie suburbs. So, we’ve done the hard work for you (because someone had to try all of these restaurants, right?). Discover the best restaurants in Surry Hills below!

Al Taglio

Situated on Albion Street in Surry Hills, Al Taglio is a small Italian restaurant with a big title. The team certainly know what they’re doing, recently named in the top 15 best pizzerias in the world by Gambero Rosso (for the third year running). Swing by for authentic, regional Italian pizzas in a buzzy, modern dining room. Find out more here.

Best Restaurants Surry Hills


A newcomer to Surry Hills’ dining scene, Arthur is a cosy neighbourhood restaurant and wine bar set on leafy Bourke Street. Enjoy a curated set menu of modern Australian eats and delicious drinks to match, making this a perfect date-night spot. Find out more here.

Best Restaurants Surry Hills


For modern Italian eats and cocktails, you can’t go past the iconic Surry Hills restaurant Bartolo. Run by the crew from Kittyhawk, The Lobo and Big Poppas, swing by this Crown Street dining room for delicious eats and drinks. Find out more here.

NB: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Bartolo is temporarily closed but will be open again soon!

Best Restaurants Surry Hills

Bar Ume

For those nights when you can’t pick what cuisine you want, head to Bar Ume. This fusion Japanese burger joint is the perfect spot for a fun, casual dining experience. Chow down on their range of epic Japanese burgers, natural wines and delicious cocktails. Find out more here.

For more burger inspiration, check out our guide to the best burgers in Sydney. 

Best Restaurants Surry Hills

Chin Chin

Foodies will be well acquainted with the institutional dining room, Chin Chin. This restaurant, renowned for its modern Asian food and awesome cocktails, is located in the heritage-listed 100-year-old Griffiths Teas Building in Surry Hills. Swing by for bold, punchy share plates and perfectly crafted drinks. Find out more here.

Best Restaurants Surry Hills

Dead Ringer

For modern Australian meets European eats, you can’t go past a visit to Dead Ringer. This Surry Hills bar and restaurant nails casual dining with ease. Whether you swing by for a boozy brunch or nab a table for drinks and snacks after dark, you won’t be disappointed. Find out more here.

Best Restaurants Surry Hills

The Dolphin

From an airy dining room to an alfresco bar, The Dolphin is an iconic Surry Hills pub and restaurant that has it all. Set in heart of Surry Hills on Crown Street, swing by for burgers, pizzas and elevate pub mains. Find out more here.

Best Restaurants Surry Hills

Don’t Tell Aunty

For an Indian restaurant that doesn’t play by the rules, head straight to Surry Hills’ Don’t Tell Aunty. With a menu spanning across all the regions of India (with Australian and American influences thrown in for good measure) expect everything for epic banquet menus to the restaurant’s iconic ‘Unauthentic’ butter chicken. Find out more here.

Best Restaurants Surry Hills


For a unique dining experience, head straight to Surry Hills’ Firedoor Restaurant. With no gas or electricity in the kitchen, every dish is cooked over two wood-fired ovens, three grills and a wood-burning hearth. Nab a seat and watch the chefs work their magic at this innovative dining room. Find out more here.

Best Restaurants Surry Hills

Flour Eggs Water

As its name would suggest, pasta is what Flour Eggs Water does best. With a series of simple, flavourful dishes using ingredients sourced locally, this Surry Hills restaurant serves up some of the suburbs best Italian eats. Find out more here.


Burnt ramen? The Japanese restaurant group Gogyo, renowned for its signature ‘burnt kogashi ramen’, has opened its first Australian restaurant in Surry Hills. Located on Albion Street the Japanese bar and restaurant have taken over the old Salaryman site. Find out more here.

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Best Restaurants Surry Hills


Henrietta is the new Middle Eastern-inspired charcoal chicken eatery landing in the heart of Surry Hills. As you’d expect, the hero of Henrietta’s menu is free-range charcoal chicken, infused with Middle Eastern flavours. Grab a whole ($28) or half ($15) charcoal chicken and enjoy a selection of flavourful sides, including house-made hummus ($10), tabbouleh ($10) and fattoush salads ($10). Find out more here.

Best Restaurants Surry Hills


Another powerful Middle Eastern restaurant is Nour, on the heart of Crown Street in Surry Hills. From brunch to dinner and drinks expect simple, colourful dishes dosed in spices. Find out more here.


For Japanese izakaya dining at its best, head to Surry Hills’ Toko. This fun, flavourful dining room is the perfect spot to experience casual Japanese dining without leaving Sydney. Find out more here.

Best Restaurants Surry Hills


After an electrical fire in 2019, the NOMAD team has been working hard to rebuild the original space. Over the past few months, NOMAD has moved its operations Up The Road with the launch of its pop-up venue 85 Commonwealth Street. But now, NOMAD is returning home (permanently) Owners Al and Rebecca Yazbek are pleased to announce NOMAD will be reopening on Tuesday, October 20th at the restaurant’s original Foster Street space. The team has created a new-look venue with an expanded kitchen, double the seating and a new standalone deli. Find out more here.

Best Restaurants Surry Hills

Pasta Emilia

As Australia’s only certified organic pasta brand, restaurant and cooking school, expect nothing short of exceptional at Surry Hills’ Pasta Emilia. From beautiful sauces to hand-made pasta dishes, you’ll want to come hungry to this delicious spot. Find out more here.

Pizza Fritta Surry Hills

Pizza Fritta

Pizza Fritta is a new Italian bar and eatery in Surry Hills, dubbed as the cheeky little sister to the Via Napoli. The signature menu item here is set to be the pizza fritta, a deep-fried pizza dish similar to the calzone, with the finest ingredients sourced from Naples and cheese folded inside. Find out more here.


Located in Surry Hills’ Paramount House Hotel, Poly is a luxe wine bar meets restaurant serving up top-notch eats and drinks. From anchovy toasty and oysters to classic cocktails and wine, you won’t want to miss this must-see dining spot. Find out more here.

Best Restaurants Surry Hills


Tucked away on Holt Street in Surry Hills, Porteño is an Argentinian BBQ join designed to be enjoyed with friends. Serving up uber authentic dishes using the best eats in town, watch your dishes come to life using a traditional Parilla (BBQ) and Asado (pit of fire). Find out more here.

SANG by Mabasa 

It might only seat a handful of tables, but SANG is undeniably serving up some of Sydney’s best home-style Korean eats. Pull up a stroll at the bar, grab a glass of vino and let this family-run restaurant serve you refined Korean dishes you’ve never tasted before. Find out more here.

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