Score $10 Seedlip Cocktails Across Sydney This April

Drink, Drinks Guide, Sydney / 28 March 2023
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Score $10 Seedlip Cocktails Across Sydney This April

Drink, Drinks Guide, Sydney / 28 March 2023

Sip your way through Sydney guilt-free with this list of venues serving $10 Seedlip cocktails for the entire month of April.

In response to a growing desire for healthier and more inclusive drink options, Sydney has experienced a surge in the popularity of non-alcoholic beverages. To meet this demand, bars and restaurants across the city have added creative and sophisticated alcohol-free options to their menus, including wines, beers, and even cocktails. One such brand leading the way in the production of complex and nuanced non-alcoholic spirits is Seedlip, which is stocked by many venues throughout Sydney.

To encourage people to try non-alcoholic cocktails, Seedlip has challenged some of the city’s favorite bars and restaurants to create a limited-edition cocktail using their premium spirits. Whether you’re looking for a booze-free drink during your lunch break, acting as the designated driver, or simply curious about the taste of non-alcoholic cocktails, we invite you to try these delicious non-alcoholic cocktails from the 4th – 30th of April for just $10 each!

Camelia Grove Hotel, Alexandria

Grapefruit Spritz
Cranberry Spritz

Mejico, CBD

Seedlip Spice Paloma – Seedlip Spice, lime & Fever-Tree Grapefruit Soda.


Butterfly ‘P & T’ – Seedlip Grove, lemon, butterfly pea, mint & Fever-Tree tonic water.

Kid Kyoto, CBD

Not so Chudoko – Seedlip Grove, elderflower, lemon, cucumber & soda.

Shelbourne Hotel, CBD

Espresso Martino – Seedlip Spice, cold brew concentrate & sugar syrup.
Margarita – Seedlip Grove 42, agave & fresh lime.

The Castlereagh, CBD

Ru’s Groove – Seedlip Grove, raspberry cordial, lime juice, agave & lemonade.
Chilli Lips – Seedlip Spicy, lime, pine juice & ginger beer.

Barrio Cellar, CBD

Paloma Passion – Seedlip Grove, pink grapefruit, passionfruit sorbet & highball.

Manta Restaurant, Woolloomooloo

Breakfast 42 – Seedleep Grove, lemon, blood orange juice &  orange marmalade.
PompelNo – Seedleep Spice, lime, grapefruit cordial, rhubarb syrup & Earl Grey.

Beast&Co, Surry Hills

Secret cocktail

Rosie Campbell’s, Surry Hills

Coco Colada – Coconut-based drink served in a coconut shell with burnt cinnamon & coconut flakes.
Melon Mojito – Seedlip, watermelon & mint.

Zushi, Surry Hills

Yuzu Fresco – Seedlip Grove, Fever-Tree yuzu & lime soda & passionfruit.

Civico 47, Paddington

Vergine Spritz – Seedlip Grove, Non 2 & spiced honey syrup.
Seedlip Sour – Seedlip Spice, grapefruit syrup & bitters.

Fei Jai, Potts Point

Cherry Blossom Margarita – Seedlip Spice, agave, lime & strawberry.

Chula, Potts Point

Rosita – Seedlip Spice, hibiscus, citrus & agave.
Malverde – Seedlip Spice, cucumber, ginger & citrus.

Bibo Wine Bar, Double Bay

Secret cocktail

Little Ripples Manly

Afternoon Delight – Seedlip Spice, pineapple, lemon, coffee & vanilla.
Ripples Refresher – Seedlip Grove 42, pineapple, lemon, orange & basil.

Loulou Bistro, Milsons Point

Jardin & Grove – Seedlip Grove, honeydew melon, cucumber, citrus, soda & basil.
Pear Tarte Tatin – Seedlip Spice, poached pear, spice syrup & emulsifier.

No.32 Restaurant & Bar, Crows Nest

Blue Magic – Seedlip, lemon juice, blue curaçao & bitters.
Pomarita – Seedlip, pomegranate juice, rose water & soda.

Seedlip, pomegranate juice, rose water, soda water from No. 32 in Crows Nest


Simply head into any of the above venues and ask for the corresponding cocktail – They’ll be $10 each for the month of April or until stocks last!