Morena Brings Latin America To Life With A Tastebud Trip Through South America

Eat, Sydney / 2 April 2024
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Morena Brings Latin America To Life With A Tastebud Trip Through South America

Eat, Sydney / 2 April 2024

Move over bland, say hola to bold! 

Sydneysiders with a penchant for vibrant flavours and a touch of education on the side are in for a treat. Award-winning chef Alejandro Saravia, the man credited with introducing Melbournians to Peruvian cuisine, is bringing his passion for Latin America to the heart of Sydney with the highly-anticipated opening of Morena.

Located within the historic GPO Building on Martin Place, Morena is a culmination of Saravia’s 15-year journey celebrating the rich tapestry of flavours found across Latin America.

Moreno main meal

This isn’t a homogenous Latin fusion experience. Diners can expect a menu that pays homage to the unique cuisines of Peru (Saravia’s homeland), Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, and beyond.

The menu features nine different types of ceviche – a staple dish reimagined through the distinct styles of Mexico and Peru, highlighting the beautiful variations within Latin America. Or diners can savour the smoky earthiness of Mexican chillies alongside the citrusy freshness of Peruvian varieties.

Morena promises a journey for the palate, one that both educates and excites.

Moreno executive chef

“We want to showcase the diverse history of food in these great nations,” says Saravia. “Each dish at Morena will tell a story, and I want to ensure that I preserve the roots and authentic flavours.”

This commitment to authenticity extends beyond the menu. While Saravia will champion the bounty of NSW producers, he’ll also source key ingredients directly from Latin America to ensure the true essence of each dish shines through.

Morena’s beverage program complements the food beautifully. The extensive wine list boasts a focus on New World and Old World wines, featuring grape varietals synonymous with Latin America. Explore the bold Malbecs of Argentina, the intriguing Carmenere wines from Chile, or discover the unique tannins of a Uruguayan Tannat.

For those seeking a more spirited adventure, Morena’s cocktail menu promises a taste of Latin America in a glass. Look out for the signature “Aztec Negroni,” a sophisticated blend of gin, chocolate bitters, and agave nectar. Classic cocktails receive a Latin twist – the “Morena’s Sour” reimagines the Pisco Sour using a blend of Peruvian pisco, fresh lime juice, and a touch of blood orange syrup.

Moreno sides

The restaurant decor itself also reflects a similar philosophy. Occupying multiple ground-floor spaces within the GPO building, the design incorporates the building’s heritage features while introducing a touch of Latin American flair. Diners can choose between the vibrant Atrium space bathed in natural light, the elegant main dining room, or the lively bar seating overlooking the action.

From the knowledgeable waitstaff guiding you through the menu’s nuances to the expertly crafted beverage program showcasing wines and spirits from across Latin America, every detail is designed to transport you to the south of the equator.

Whether you’re a seasoned Latin American food enthusiast or simply curious to explore a new flavour profile, Morena promises an evening of discovery and deliciousness.

Bookings are already open, so head to to secure your table and embark on a flavourful journey through the heart of Latin America.