Fresh Start, New Location! Lima Reopens As A Cevicheria in Bondi

Eat, Sydney / 5 March 2024
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Fresh Start, New Location! Lima Reopens As A Cevicheria in Bondi

Eat, Sydney / 5 March 2024

After a brief hiatus, the team behind Lima is back with a brand new venture, offering a taste of Peru in the heart of Bondi.

For those who enjoyed the vibrant flavours of Peruvian cuisine at the short-lived Lima in Walsh Bay, there’s good news. The team behind the venture, Luis Guzman and Hector Chunga, have returned to the Sydney food scene with a new iteration – Lima Bar & Cevicheria – this time gracing the bustling shores of Bondi Beach.

The original Lima, while lauded for its delicious Nikkei cuisine (a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian flavours), faced challenges with its location. Recognizing this, Guzman and Chunga have opted for a more compact and dynamic setting on Bondi’s busy Hall Street. This new Lima draws inspiration from the countless cevicherias lining the streets of Lima, Peru, offering a more casual and “fun” experience compared to the “seriousness” associated with Nikkei cuisine.

Outdoor sign at Lima Bar & Cevicheria

Diners can expect a concise menu centred around the staples of Peruvian coastal fare: fresh ceviche, tiraditos (sliced raw fish), and causas (layered potato dishes). The ceviche selection features options like the classic “Tiger’s Milk” version with sweet potato and crispy corn, or the “carretillero” style boasting a spicy kick with calamari chicharron.

Tiraditos, offering an alternative to ceviche with less juice, come in tantalising variations like kingfish with aji amarillo (yellow pepper) tiger’s milk and plum, or bass grouper with rocoto pepper tiger’s milk and cucumber chalaquita (salsa).

Causas, the potato-based Peruvian favourite, are presented with various fillings, with the prawn causa being a highlight. As Guzman explains, “There are so many ways to enjoy causa. We’re keeping it simple yet delicious with fresh prawns.”

While the initial beverage menu offers selections from the previous Lima and a small curation of Pisco Sours, a more extensive cocktail list inspired by the diverse districts of Lima is in the works.

Oysters at Lima Bar & Cevicheria

The current space might not boast the dramatic fit-out of its predecessor, but Guzman assures us that it’s a work in progress. Quipus, the knotted Inca recording devices, already hang from the ceiling, and Peruvian artifacts are on their way, promising a touch of cultural flair.

After a successful soft launch with encouraging feedback, Guzman is optimistic about the future. “This feels like a fresh start,” he shares. “We’re excited to continue promoting Peruvian cuisine and culture in Sydney, and with the same dedicated team behind us, we’re confident this Lima will be a success story.”

This new chapter for the team promises a delightful exploration of Peruvian coastal cuisine in a setting that reflects the energy of one of Sydney’s most beloved beaches.

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