Award Winning 23rd St Distillery Challenges The Whisky Status Quo With Aussie Spirit

Drink, Sydney / 2 April 2024

Move over, imported whiskies! There’s a new sheriff in town, and it’s brewed right here in Australia. 

For whisky enthusiasts in Australia, the landscape has long been dominated by imported brands. But a new contender has emerged, and it’s brewed right here on home soil. 23rd Street Distillery, the award-winning South Australian producer, has unveiled its first foray into the world of whisky – a bold statement that celebrates local ingredients and craftsmanship.

23rd St Distillery Whiskey & Cola Cans

This isn’t a rushed endeavour. The distillery has spent four years meticulously crafting its Australian Whisky, ensuring it reflects the unique Australian palate and climate. “We wanted to create a whisky that could be savoured and enjoyed right here, in the same environment where it matured,” says Sarah Camerlengo, 23rd Street Brand Manager.

Their dedication to local production extends beyond the distillery walls. The whisky is made using premium Australian barley malts, carefully chosen to deliver a balanced flavour profile with hints of fruit, spice, and caramel warmth. Even the maturation process reflects a commitment to the region. The spirit rests in ex-Bourbon American oak barrels housed within the distillery’s historic Barrel Hall, where the warm, dry summers and mild winters of South Australia’s Riverland work their magic.

23rd St Distillery Whiskey cocktail

The result? A beautifully coloured golden amber liquid with a depth of flavour. Expect rounded malt notes and rich honey characters on the palate, complemented by toasty oak and a lingering, creamy finish. This isn’t just a whisky for connoisseurs though – 23rd Street understands that whisky enjoyment is a personal experience and it’s designed to be savoured neat, on ice, in a classic cocktail, or even with a mixer like a cola.

To make weekends a breeze, 23rd Street has also come out with a ready-to-drink Australian Whisky & Cola in two variations at a 5% and 8% spirit blend. Both options capture the full, malty flavours of the whisky, perfectly balanced with refreshing cola for a satisfying serve on the go.

23rd St Distillery Whiskey range

This new release isn’t just about offering Australians a homegrown whisky option. It’s about showcasing the “bold spirit of Australia” on the global stage, says Camerlengo. With its commitment to quality local ingredients, meticulous craftsmanship, and dedication to versatility, 23rd Street Distillery’s Australian Whisky is poised to become a mainstay on any whisky lover’s shelf.

23rd Street Australian Whisky is available at national leading retailers across the country and online here.