Fun Ideas For Your Next Zoom Work Drinks

Drink, Sydney / 4 August 2021
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Fun Ideas For Your Next Zoom Work Drinks

Drink, Sydney / 4 August 2021

Host Friday afternoon work drinks like a boss with these fun activities to reacquaint your team over Zoom.

Who else is missing their work spouse in lockdown? While working from home is a dream come true to some, those who are used to working in a big team are probably missing their work wives and hubbys. And who could forget those iconic Friday afternoon work drinks to kick start the weekend. Just because we’re in lockdown, it doesn’t mean you should miss out on that team building and we’re going to show you exactly how to do it. There’s nothing worse than an awkward Zoom catch up and the key is prior planning. If you’re been thinking about hosting work drinks for your team in lockdown, here’s a bunch of our favourite activities that will keep everyone entertained and bring you all that little bit closer.

Get dressed up or set a theme

If you’re like us, you probably haven’t got out of your track pants for the last month. Friday work drinks are the perfect excuse to get everyone out of their pajamas and into something a little bit fancy. If you have a team that is a little bit crazy in the best way, why not go all out and create a fun dress-up theme. Some ideas including Olympic sports which is very fitting at the moment, Mexican (think sombrero, bright shirts and margaritas), Christmas to lift the spirits, or maybe 70s disco vibes. Give everyone extra incentive and announce that the winner will get booze delivered to their door from Jimmy Brings.

Play a game of trivia

If your team loves hitting up the local pub for a game of trivia, we’d suggest you do just that but lockdown style. Create your own game and highlight interests you all share like wine or travel. If you can’t be bothered and hosting work drinks was enough of a stretch, we’d suggest downloading Houseparty. The video chatting app offers free trivia games including a general trivia deck. Once everyone’s had a few drinks, people will start to lighten up, have a laugh and flex their trivia muscles.

Shake up cocktails

Who doesn’t love a cocktail on a Friday afternoon? Get your colleague’s addresses and send DIY cocktail kits to everyone’s houses so you can shake them up together. Cocktail Porter has a bunch of options including Espresso Martini, Pink Grapefruit Margarita (perfect for a Mexican theme), and even Whisky Sour. If you can’t be bothered making them and you just want to drink them, here’s our guide to the best Sydney bars now delivering cocktails.

Snack on a cheese platter

Everyone needs a snack with work drinks so why not send cheese platters to everyone’s door for the party. Here is our guide to the top cheese platter delivery services in Sydney.

Get into an Escape Room

If you want to work on your team’s problem-solving skills, Escape Room is a perfect way to do it. Your team will be able to collaborate and have some fun in the process.

Cook with a meal box

If your team is a bunch of foodies, cooking together is a great idea. INDU, Mejico and Kid Kyoto in Sydney have delicious meal boxes that include prepared ingredients for you to finish cooking at home. Get the boxes sent out to your team and you can all cook along together and have a restaurant quality meal. Get an INDU box and enjoy Sri Lankan cusine, Mejico for a Mexcian fiesta and Kid Kyoto for Japanese. Order online here

Virtual masterclasses

If your team likes getting their hands dirty and learning new skills, why not host a pasta workshop. Bar Betta offers a virtual masterclass where you can follow their chef step by step to create fresh pasta from scratch. After all the hard work is done, a hearty pasta lunch is on the menu.

Virtual wine tasting

If you’re a team of wine lovers, this is for you. Captivate your team with a virtual tasting from one of Australia’s top premium wineries. The Handpicked Virtual Tasting delivers an unforgettable experience that will transport your guests from their desks and into the winery. They curate and deliver a bespoke wine and cheese tasting pack to meet your needs based on occasion and budget. This virtual experience includes a guided tasting of their award-winning multi-regional fine wines with their winemaker or cellar door manager based on your spending.