Best Restaurants Barangaroo

Eat, Guide, Restaurants, Sydney / 19 June 2023

When a special occasion calls for a super-special dining experience, Barangaroo is chockablock with some of Sydney’s best!

From world-renowned chefs to up-and-coming hospitality heavyweights, Barangaroo has everything you need for a memorable feed. What are you waiting for? Time to start ticking off your bucket list of Barangaroo’s best restaurants.

Best Restaurants Barangaroo

Rekodo Vinyl & Bar, Barangaroo House

Barangaroo’s best restaurant for music lovers.

Blurring the lines between food, drink and music, Rekōdo promises a sensory-immersing dining experience that sounds as good as it tastes. Fine-tuning signature Japanese flavours, expect familiar favourites like melt-in-your-mouth wagyu tataki with ponzu and onsen yolk, as well as underground hits like kimchi and fontina cheese taiyaki waffles. 

Inspired by the roaring phenomenon of listening bars that sprung up in 1950’s Japan, the food offering is soundtracked to a carefully curated mix by tastemaker artists. 


Best Restaurants Barangaroo

Oncore by Clare Smyth, The Crown

Barangaroo’s best restaurant for fine dining with harbour views.

Celebrated Irish chef Clare Smyth opened her first restaurant outside of the United Kingdom in Sydney’s much-loved lifestyle destination, Crown Sydney. Oncore by Clare Smyth offers a dining experience like no other boasting sky-high harbour views from level 26, in an homage to the flagship London restaurant, Core.

Oncore offers an Australian twist to Core’s gastronomical experience maintaining a strong emphasis on celebrating sustainable food and local producers. The most celebrated dish at Core is featured on the Sydney menu – Potato and Row with slow-cooked Charlotte potato from the Southern Highlands, smoked trout, herring roe and beurre blanc.


Best Restaurants Barangaroo

a’Mare, The Crown

Fine dining Italian with Australian flair.

Inspired by memories of classic fine dining back in his home country of Italy, acclaimed Chef and Restaurateur Alessandro Pavoni’s dishes are focused on the simplicity of high-quality produce, and the regions from which they came.

Translating to ‘by the sea’, local seafood takes a special place on the menu as paying tribute to its Sydney surrounds and the harbourside location of Crown Sydney. While traditionally Italian in its inspiration, a’Mare promises a uniquely Sydney feel.


Best Restaurants Barangaroo

Nobu, The Crown

Barangaroo’s best Japanese fine dining. 

Internationally renowned Chef, Nobu Matsuhisa introduced Barangaroo to his sublime dining experience back in 2020, joining 47 worldwide locations including Crown Melbourne and Crown Perth. 

Fusing Japanese tradition with locally inspired produce and seafood, Nobu Sydney offers imaginative dishes as well as classic menu heroes that feature around the globe. Signature dishes include the famed Black Cod Miso and Yellowtail Jalapeño, along with inventive dishes created by Head Chef, Harold Hurtada.


Best Restaurants Barangaroo


Barangaroo’s best Turkish Restaurant 

Efendy Group (Efendy, Tombik, and Maydanoz) has rapidly become a hospitality heavyweight over the past couple of years, introducing Sydneysiders to an authentic taste of Turkey. Headed by renowned chef and cookbook author Somer Sivrioglu’s, Anason’s menu exemplifies traditional restaurants and bars of Istanbul, the meyhanes. 

​True to its Turkish roots, the drinks menu of Sydney’s most popular meyhane is as important as the food. Sample traditional Turkish Raki, sip your way through the wine regions of Turkey or celebrate life with signature cocktails.


Nola Smokehouse & Bar

A touch of smokey New Orleans with an impressive American whiskey selection.

Prepare your taste buds for a wild ride! Nola Smokehouse brings the sizzling Louisiana flavours right to Barangaroo, dishing out smokehouse feasts alongside delicious American Whiskeys. The restaurant boasts over 500+ selections of whiskey, with an open grill fire pit and hickory-packed smoker. Feast on pulled pork, tender beef brisket and rotisserie chicken, as well as their signature St Louis-style pork ribs with a smokey habanero glaze.



Barangaroo’s first Premium Korean BBQ And Steakhouse joint.

If Korean BBQ is your go-to destination, you’ll need to indulge in SOOT, with a feast of the finest Wagyu and Aussie meat cuts, plus a whole range of mouth-watering Korean dishes and banchan.

The Wagyu served is the real MVP, with only the best of the best and nothing below MBS 7+ making the cut. Enjoy the Chuck Eye Roll Steak MBS 9+, ‘Oyster Blade Steak’ MBS 8-9+, ‘Skirt Steak’ MBS 8-9+, and ‘Short Rib’ MB 8-9+. They’ve also got some delicious options featuring Australian Angus beef, like the ‘Soot’s Short Rib ‘Galbi” made with Bae’s 50-year-old family recipe, ‘Beef Tan’ slow-cooked Ox tongue, and ‘Rib-Eye Steak’ on the bone that you can order by the gram.



Barangaroo’s best Australian seafood fare.

Head Chef Brent Savage and Sommelier Nick Hildebrandt favour fresh, sustainably sourced seafood, with the fruits of the sea the stars of the menu. In between freshly shucked rock oysters, mud crab and grilled rock lobster, catch a glimpse of the stunning views across the northern end of Darling Harbour to Pyrmont and Goat Island.



A casual Turkish eatery and spice shop from the Efendy team.

Be transported to the bustling streets of Istanbul at Baharat, where food and drinks are inspired by the vibrant colours and smells of the iconic Turkish Spice Bazaar. Indulge in traditional Turkish street food like crispy and flavourful pides and lahmacun topped with meats, veggies, herbs, and spices. You can also find one-of-a-kind cocktails infused with traditional spices that will get you coming back for more, like a pickled shalgam Bloody Mary, sumac and black salt Margarita and a barrel-spiced Negroni that packs a punch of bold flavours.



Barangaroos’ best sensory dining experience

Taking influence from their global travels around the world, Ross and Sunny Lusted have opened Woodcut, a dining experience with a daily changing menu. Nestled in The Crown, they’ve ditched the traditional cooking methods and have gone all out with wood, charcoal, and steam. Everything is cooked with some type of wood (hence the name), with freshly caught local seafood, cured meats, ash grilled prime cuts and a delicious vegetarian menu.


Barangaroos’ best seafood served with style

Prepare for a culinary extravaganza meets the ocean’s hidden gems. works their magic on unique seafood produce, with simple yet flavourful cooking techniques. All their seafood is local and sustainably caught, forging a reputation as ‘the fish bar with a green heart’. It’s flavours of the sea like never before, including crumbed abalone fried into a schnitzel and sea-urchin served live with malt-crust bread and lava salt.