Say Hello To Soot, Barangaroo’s First Premium Korean BBQ And Steakhouse

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 16 May 2023

Wagyu is the big hero, with only the best on offer.

If Korean BBQ is your go-to destination, you’ll be pleased to hear that SOOT, the first-ever Korean BBQ joint in Barangaroo, is now open for business. Indulge in a feast with the finest Wagyu and Aussie meat cuts, plus a whole range of mouth-watering Korean dishes and banchan. 

SOOT is the newest venue from Kolture, the hospitality group with a passion for putting Korean food on the Aussie map. With a desire to tap into new Korean dining trends, owner David Bae wanted to provide Sydneysiders with more authentic culinary experiences, inspired by his childhood of growing up in his own family’s restaurants. SOOT, Bae mentions, will not be just your typical KBBQ experience, but instead will be more refined and slowed down, so guests can be educated on how to have the ultimate experience on cultural heritage, drinking etiquette and authentic Korean BBQ.

You only get the best ingredients at SOOT, with the team using only premium and aged Wagyu and Aussie meat cuts that you don’t usually find at your average KBBQ spot. The Wagyu served is the real MVP, with only the best of the best and nothing below MBS 7+ making the cut. Enjoy the Chuck Eye Roll Steak MBS 9+ (aka the ‘SOOT steak’ – trust us, it’s worth trying), the ‘Oyster Blade Steak’ MBS 8-9+, ‘Skirt Steak’ MBS 8-9+, and ‘Short Rib’ MB 8-9+. They’ve also got some delicious options featuring Australian Angus beef, like the ‘Soot’s Short Rib ‘Galbi” made with Bae’s 50-year-old family recipe, ‘Beef Tan’ slow-cooked Ox tongue, and ‘Rib-Eye Steak’ on the bone that you can order by the gram. 

Of course, you can also order a selection of seasonal veggies to go with your bbq, like king oyster mushrooms, button mushrooms, and sous vide dutch carrots. The best part? All SOOT tables have in-built smokeless and odourless charcoal grills, so you won’t leave smelling like smoke. Plus, the smoke is extracted beneath the table instead of above it, so you can keep socialising without any interruptions. 

Apart from BBQ, you can also order Korean meals from the menu, including ‘Korean Fried Chicken or Cauliflower’ with sweet Gochujang sauce or umami mayo, and ‘Egg Jjim’ a Korean steamed egg with sesame oil, green onion and dashi. If noodles and rice are your thing, you can get ‘Dol Sot Bibimbap’ with minced Wagyu and rice, in a sizzling stone bowl, or cold and spicy ‘Bibim Naengmyeon’ Buckwheat noodles with apple and Gochujang vinaigrette. Sides and soups include ‘Tofu Clam Soup’ with clams, silken tofu and egg, and ‘Kimchi ‘Jigae’ Soup’ with pork neck, kimchi and onion.

SOOT is now open from Tuesday-Saturday, 5:30pm-late. For more information, visit their website here.