WTF Is This Crazy Food?

Eat, Food Guide / 8 June 2016
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WTF Is This Crazy Food?

Eat, Food Guide / 8 June 2016

Crazy food that’s hot right now!

In recent years there has been some crazy food and drinks popping up for sale around the world. From rainbow grilled cheese to freaky shakes and deconstructed coffee. While some of them make you think yum and others ew, there are always those that make you think, WTF is going on? Here’s our hit list.

Rainbow Anything!

Skittles said it first with their slogan “taste the rainbow” but this latest crazy food trend is taking that concept to a whole new level. From colourful coffee art to funfetti-filled bagels and grilled cheese, you can get almost anything with rainbow colours spread through them. It’s like the Care Bears took a dump in between two pieces of bread and voila! Here’s your multicoloured, Instagrammable cheese toastie.

rainbow grilled cheese toastie crazy food
Photo courtesy of hkfoodiexblogger (via Instagram)

Marble Cakes

They look like glass, and some of them don’t even look real but they are. Created by Russian baker Olga Noskova, these marble cake creations are building a frenzy all over the internet. And while she does keep her recipe a secret, many have been trying to recreate the fun. WTF makes it so smooth? We just want to stroke it.

marble cake purple decoration crazy food
Photo courtesy of Olga Noskovaa (via Instagram)


We don’t know where they began but they are now everywhere. Freakshakes are like keeping up with Joneses. Everyone who makes these is out to make their’s bigger and better than the next persons.. From Nutella ball shakes to fairy floss and brownies, you can now get almost any kind of dessert in one of these sweet, sweet (super sugary) jars. These ones are from Canberra’s famous cafe Patissez.

three freakshakes nutella caramel brownie crazy food
Photo courtesy of Patissez (via Instagram)

M&M Naan Cones

Now this is a crazy food combo! Found in Melbourne’s Melba Restaurant at The Langham, these are a step up from the infamous doughnut cone. The name says it all – naan bread with M&M’s throughout wrapped into a cone shape to hold your favourite scoop of ice cream. Hold the butter chicken please we’re skipping straight to dessert.

M&M Naan cone with icecream crazy food
Photo courtesy of Melba Restaurant (via Instagram)

Burgers, burgers and more burgers

Burgers are one of the greatest foods known to man but some people are taking them to the extreme and really making us think WTF is this crazy food? There are now sushi burgers, toastie burgers and event donut burgers. And they all speak for themselves. The sushi burgers are found in Melbourne and the toastie and donut burgers are found at Ze Pickle in Sydney.

sushi burger crazy food
Photo courtesy of sobeautifullyraw (via Instagram)
ze pickle donut burger crazy food
Photo courtesy of Ze Pickle (via Instagram)
cheese toastie burger ze pickle crazy food
Photo courtesy of Ze Pickle (via Instagram)

Deconstructed Coffee

Normally when you go to a cafe the whole point of spending $4 on a coffee is so they can make it for you. But at hipster cafe The Kitchen at Weylandts in Melbourne they’re no serving a deconstructed coffee. Beakers of milk, water, and two shots of espresso come out on a wooden board for your to pour yourself. Now this is really WTF!

Deconstructed coffee melbourne crazy food
Photo courtesy of Jamila Rizvi (via Instagram)

Vegan Eggs

Found at Matcha Mylkbar in Melbourne, this is what vegan eggs look like. The bright yellow ‘yolk’ is made of sweet potato, coconut milk and linseed protein, while the ‘whites’ are made from agar agar coloured with coconut and almond milk. It’s a pretty strange sensation biting into something that claims to be an egg that tastes nothing like a damn egg. This is some crazy food we don’t even know how to explain.

vegan egg matcha mylkbar crazy food

Honourable mentions!

Frozen S’mores

Found only in Soho, New York, they’re officially kicking off summer with Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream covered in chocolate wafer crisps on the inside, honey marshmallow on the outside and torched to order. These are apparently going crazy over there, but they do look like crazy food to us!

frozen s'mores soho crazy food
Photo courtesy of Dominique Ansel (via Instagram)

Bacon Wrapped, Cheesy Corn Dog Tripod

For us Aussies, this is a little more ew than wtf but nonetheless wtf! The Vulgar Chef in Massachusetts, also known as Josh Elkin, has created fat upon fat upon fat. As they say, why have one when you can have three?!

triple corn dog crazy food america
Photo courtesy of Josh Elkin (via Instagram)

We wonder what will be the next wtf food!

If you want to find more fun food close to home, check out Doux Amour Patisserie’s cute sweets or the weird Raindrop Cake!