Vietnamese in Cabramatta

Sydney / 31 January 2011
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Vietnamese in Cabramatta

Sydney / 31 January 2011

One of my 2011 new years resolutions is to step out of my eastern suburbs bubble and extend my foodie adventures beyond. I must have said this out loud because my good friends Oracle and Pet invited me to step majorly out of the bubble and venture to Cabramatta for a Vietnamese foodie escapade!
Not quite knowing where Cabramatta is (I thought it was near Petersham) I said sure thing!
The day of our adventure Oracle sent me a list of places we were going to try and started talking about the long drive and how we better leave by a certain time to beat the traffic. You can imagine my shock when I discovered where Cabramatta actually is!
Regardless we made the mission and it was totally worth it. I ate the best Pho I’ve ever had, rolled my own lemongrass beef Vietnamese rolls and learnt that Vietnamese drinks are really gross. Here are some of the memories:

Bau Truong Restaurant

We ate at Bau Truong Restaurant a great BYO place with friendly and the most amazing vietnamese dishes.
Oracle and Pet can't hide their excitement!

Seafood Noodle Soup ($10)

Goat Curry ($10)

Vietnamese Seafood Congee ($10)

DIY Beef with lemongrass vermicelli rolls

Strange Vietnamese drinks, (Left) coconut milk ice and green jelly was delicious but push the straw a little further and you’re sucking back broad beans blergghhh (gross). (Middle) Avocado slushy, taste like frozen guacamole. (Right) Some sort of soda with beans and firm jelly, NOT good.

The contents of the drink on the left :-/

Taking in some local artwork

We had one more attempt at the drinks, this was a sugarcane and pineapple drink. Second time lucky? Not a chance, it was just as gross. Sugary water with stale jelly. Yuck!

Bau Truong Restaurant 42 John St, Cabramatta