Ms. G’s

Restaurants, Sydney / 31 January 2011

Merivale opens Ms G’s in Potts Point

I’ve been to Ms G’s twice now and on both occasions I’ve had an awesome time. We have  Merivale,  Dan Hong and Jowett Yu from Lotus to thank for this great new addition to Potts Point. You’ll be impressed the minute you walk through the door of this 4 level New York style noodle house. Each level  has a unique vibe and it’s the kind of place where every time you go you’ll spot something different on the wall.
Ms G’s has been packed since the doors opened  in late 2010 and getting a table can be tricky. I suggest you grab a group and book in advance. They have two sittings, the early one at 6.30pm and for late night dinners 8.30pm. If you have a larger group you can do the banquet menu (which I did most recently for a friends birthday). It’s great value at $60 a head and you certainly won’t go hungry (even the boys at our table were pushing food away and rubbing their bellies at the end).
While you wait for your table head upstairs to the top level bar and get stuck into some cocktails. My hands-down favourite is the Pina (Pearl) Colada. It’s strong and reminds me of sipping cocktails on a beach in Fiji. It’s served it in a plastic cup with a sealed lid. You grab a giant straw, stab it through the top and suck the awesome pearls out with pineapple and coconut goodness. Yum!
Service is a bit hit and miss as are some of the dishes. Thankfully, there are more hits than misses on both accounts. On both visits i’ve experienced awesome service, super friendly, helpful staff with quickly fun personalities. I’ve also had a few grumps with attitude that really wasn’t necessary.
Likewise with the dishes, most are fantastic and you’ll be back for them within a week. Some, I never want to see in front of me again. Here’s my list of Hit and Miss:

  • Great fit-out
  • You can split your bill on separate credit cards (I’m sure the cashier will hate me for publishing this), but fantastic when you have a big group
  • Cocktail menu
  • Unique fusion of Asian dishes
  • Lots of vegetarian options
  • The following dishes:

Order both the mini banh mi and the corn.

ms gs corn
Ms Gs grilled corn on the cob, parmesan, lime

ms gs pickles
Plate O’s Ms G’s pickles

Pickles are a hit in the banquet, I wouldn’t bother ordering them otherwise. Too many other great dishes.
ms gs prawn toast
Prawn toast, yuzu aioli, herbs

ms gs ceviche
Ceviche of Aoraki king salmon, jalepeno puree, Tiger’s milk

One of the best ceviche dishes i’ve ever had!
Great for vego’s and to break up the fried dishes in the banquet. Grilled king prawns
Fresh, love the lime flavours.
ms gs stir fry
Stir fried rice noodles, wagyu beef, chilli, herbs, peanuts

Wagyu is great!
ms gs pork belly
Braised pork belly “Hue Style”, konnyaku noodles, lemongrass, chilli broth

Amazing dish!! Must try.
ms gs stoner delight
“Stoner’s Delight” banana ice cream,chocolate, rice bubbles, pretzel, peanut brittle, marshmallow

Both desserts are delicious! Share with friends.
Jam Doughnut-cinnamon doughnut ice cream, raspberry jelly


  • Occasional moody staff
  • Crowded top bar on the weekend
  • These dishes:

This dish was too rich for me and my fellow diners. Some people will love this, others hate it. I wasn’t a big fan and I’ve tried it twice.

Fried baby chicken, kimchi mayonnaise

KFC gives me nightmares, mayonnaise taste good, but I’m not a fan of this dish.
ms gs
Dan Hong in the kitchen

3rd Floor ‘Rope Room’

ms gs
Top Level Bar

Ms G’s 
155 Victoria St, Potts Point
02 8313 1000