Urban Tadka Is A Strong Contender For Sydney’s Best Indian

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 17 October 2023
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Urban Tadka Is A Strong Contender For Sydney’s Best Indian

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 17 October 2023

Urban Tadka is serving up exceptional Indian cuisine in Terrey Hills, certainly worth the drive!

Tucked away in the serene suburb of Terrey Hills, Urban Tadka is a hidden gem in Sydney’s food scene. This resort-style Indian restaurant has been a well-kept secret among locals since it first opened its doors in 2011. While it might be a 40-minute drive from the city, it’s a journey that promises an unforgettable Indian dining experience.

As you drive through the gates and into the lush greenery that surrounds Urban Tadka, you’ll feel like you’ve escaped to a different world. The restaurant’s elegant and classy interior provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it the perfect setting for a memorable meal. The accolade wall adorned with their achievements, including two hats from the Australian Good Food Guide, sets the stage for what awaits inside.

The heart of Urban Tadka lies in its ability to ignite your senses with the tantalising aromas of India. Specialising in North Indian, tandoori, and Mughlai fare, the restaurant stays true to classic and authentic Indian recipes while incorporating contemporary food trends from modern India.

Food is more than just sustenance; it’s a representation of culture, geography, and the evolution of taste. At Urban Tadka, each dish tells a story, mapping the history of Indian cuisine and binding diverse regions together. The exceptional service ensures that even if you’re not well-versed in Indian cuisine, the staff is more than happy to guide and educate you.

The dishes at Urban Tadka are not only a treat for the taste buds but also for the eyes. Each dish is executed with precision and care, beautifully presented, and often accompanied by an element of theater, from smoking cocktails to sizzling platters.

The menu boasts an array of dishes to cater to various palates. Highlights include the Scallops Lychee Lasana featuring flame-seared scallops and a garlic and lychee-infused drizzle, Vada Doi which is a spiced fritter served with beaten curd, mint, coriander chutney, chilli confit, and dusted burnt cumin, as well as the Lamb Tujj Adraki Champein featuring slow-cooked, grass-fed spring lamb cutlets with garlic-infused hung yogurt and hand-ground spices, served with peas mash. Every dish bursts with rich and enticing flavours, making it nearly impossible to make a wrong choice from the menu.

For dessert, the iconic egg dish is given an Indian twist with a cocoa sable base, vanilla mousse, mango liquid center, chocolate crunchy shell, cocoa spray, and a chocolate nest. The thrill comes from breaking into this delectable creation.

To complement your meal, Urban Tadka offers a range of cocktails with an Indian twist. The Sharabi Lassi combines Malibu, Baileys Irish Cream, and Mango Lassi, while the Smoked Southside, made with Ink Gin, lime juice, simple syrup, and smoke infusion, not only delights the taste buds but also provides a captivating display of light purple hues and theatrical smokiness upon serving.

We couldn’t recommend a visit to Urban Tadka Terrey Hills enough. Whether it’s for a family catch-up, a special celebration, or just to savour some of the best Indian cuisine in Sydney, this restaurant promises an experience that will linger in your memory. Find out more here.