The Two Wolves Community Cantina, Chippendale

Cool Sh*t, Eat, Sydney / 7 June 2017

The Two Wolves has spiced up Broadway with tacos, tequila and big hit of good old philanthropy.

The immense sandstone building with carved Roman Columns on bustled Broadway is quite dull in comparison to what you’ll find hidden within at Two Wolves Cantina. Walk under the neon Two Wolves sign, past the extremely bright cacti to your left. Wave hello to the two wolves on the wall as they shake their maracas for your arrival. Follow the zig-zagging lights down the funky avenue where a graffiti, Michelin Man-esque, hand points you left. These instructions will guide you straight in the direction of a bar serving tacos and tequila. A community cantina with a difference.
The Two Wolves is a non-for-profit social enterprise, driven by volunteers known as the Wolf Pack. With the assistance of 172 young volunteers, this community cantina has donated $139,400 to communities abroad within 18 months. The warmth and heart of The Two Wolves is what welcomes you in. But it’s the food you’ll stay for. Inspired by street eats from the communities which it assists, the simple menu is affordable and wholesome. By purchasing any of the items on offer, you’re automatically assisting communities in Mexico, Micronesia, Cambodia, Ecuador, Nepal and Vietnam.
Two Wolves Community Cantina
Inside The Two Wolves Community Cantina, you won’t find fine dining. Instead, you will uncover meaningful, heart-warming food. Born from the soul, out of the goodness of many, is the menu of The Two Wolves. After ordering and paying (donating) at the bar, head to a table to kick back with a classic margarita ($15). If you’re looking to justify ordering another, snack on some corn chips ($5). Served with spicy tomato salsa you will surely need a drink or two to wash it down.
Two Wolves Community Cantina
Both full of crunch, heat and sweetness are the jalapeño poppers ($9) and agave and chilli glazed wings ($10). Break through the breadcrumb for a cheesy surprise. These poppers may not ooze as you have dreamt they would, but they taste simply good. Especially with a shaving of parmesan and a spicy side sauce for added flavour. Now for the wings What a bang for your cluck! Usually, I would pass up the wings. I’ve never been much of a fan, However, for this golden stack, winged by a chipotle mayo, I’ll definitely be back. A thick and crisp sweet outer layer, encases the tender chicken within. I hate to say it, but these wings are finger licking good.
Two Wolves Community Cantina
Now, always when ordering tacos, which flavour will it be? The vegetarian or the fried chicken? Perhaps you’d prefer some pulled pork. But, then there’s always the fish. Thankfully The Two Wolves taco tasting plate ($21) allows you to try all four. However, if you are not the adventurous type, it has to be the pulled pork. The pork is slow cooked in a sweetly sauce, with crisp pickled cabbage, coriander and chipotle mayo for flavour.
If you’re looking to guarantee a sweet and happy ending to your Two Wolves pilgrimage, the churros are your answer. Just like you, I’ve had my fair share of churros throughout my days. But never have I encountered the kind of thick delicious cinnamon crunch coating of the churros served up at The Two Wolves. Simply delicious twigs of cinnamon covered doughnuts, become ever better as you dip them into the idly waiting ice-cream.
Two Wolves Community Cantina
Despite eating churros for charity sounding like a fantastic trade off, The Two Wolves have plenty more options for you to place your donations. Down stairs is a long black room. A small bar in one corner with a small stage in another. Here your weekend revelries can be justified. Enjoy a live gig, accompanied by a drink and friends, for a spending expedition you will not regret. At The Two Wolves Community Cantina, eat, drink, play and shop for your money to assist others who cannot. Yes we said shop. On the first Saturday of every month, this social hub poses as an op-shop. From 12-4pm, by spending $10 or more on clothes, records and more, support the community and receive a 30% discount off your food. Sprouting ‘great deals, good food, cheap drinks’, it is a market lovers dream within these eclectic, not-for-profit walls.
We all know tequila and tacos are a heart-warming combination. However, theres something even more rewarding at this location. Upon first purchase, you’ll smile at the knowledge that your consumption in Sydney will assist those afar. With each sip and bite, that smile will go stronger, and trust me, you’ll be back again soon. Take The Two Wolves for what it is. It is a funky, non-for-profit, community cantina whom make a killer margarita. As for the food, well, we enjoyed every last bite.
Two Wolves Community Cantina
So, take a trip to The Two Wolves, it is worth your time. If you don’t have time however, you can always head to their website where you can make a donation now.
The Two Wolves Community Cantina
202 Broadway, Chippendale, Sydney 2008
(02) 8039 3539