Say Cheers To Healthier, Tastier Boozy Premixes This Summer Thanks To Staple Drinks

Drink, Summer Guide, Sydney / 25 November 2020

Sip your way through Staple Drinks’ Vodka Soda Lime & Gin Soda Cucumber premixes (minus the guilt) this summer.

No matter the occasion, bringing a six-pack of beers is an easy go-to when the weather warms up. But let’s face it, sometimes we want to spice things up. If you’re on the hunt for a lighter, healthier ready-to-drink beverage this summer, we’ve found just the local brand you need to know about.

Meet Staple Drinks, the new booze brand crafted by three mates who want to disrupt the drinks industry. After growing tired of the nasty hangovers and monotonous flavours of their go-to drinks, the trio decided to launch a new range of ready-to-drink premixes with a healthy, convenient twist.

This summer, get your hands on Staple Drinks duo of delicious tasty beverages. Their all-natural Vodka Soda Lime and Gin Soda Cucumber are crafted using real fruit puree (with just 89 calories per can with 4.2% ABV and low in sugar too). Unlike most premixes on the market, they’re the only brand to ditch cordials and artificial flavours.

Inside each ready-to-drink can you’ll find high-quality, real-fruit puree to ensure every sip packs a flavourful punch. Plus, they use the whole fruit to reduce food waste and serve each drink in fully recyclable aluminum cans.

Whether you’re heading to a backyard BBQ, hosting a beachside picnic, or kicking back at home this summer, Staple Drinks is here to deliver a delicious, healthy, and oh-so-convenient good time.

Staple Drinks two hero drinks are on-sale now. Find your nearest stocklist here

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