Indulge In Top-Notch 44°N Gin Distilled On The French Riviera This Summer

Drink, Summer Guide, Sydney / 25 November 2020

Sip your way through luxe French gin this summer thanks to Comte de Grasse distillery.

From luxury French distiller, Comte de Grasse comes its inaugural gin, 44°N Gin. The spirit has been inspired by perfume production methods and is made using ultrasonic maceration, vacuum distillation, and CO2 supercritical extraction. The assembly of these three steps is unique and revolutionary as it adopts an approach used in the creation of fragrances and cosmetics whilst applying state-of-the-art techniques.

Sounds very technical right? For you, that means a world-class gin that’s created in a sustainable and efficient way. Plus, it gives you the chance to sip spirits from one of France’s best distilleries from the comfort of your home this summer.

So, what can you expect from the 44°N Gin? Inside each bottle, you’ll find a blend of 20 stunning botanicals including alexanders, samphire, verbena, grapefruit, and immortelle. To add to this selection, Comte de Grasse works with local suppliers to find the very best ingredients including rose centifolia, mimosa, jasmine, and lavender, all blessed by the area’s constant sunshine and warmth.

The crew from Comte de Grasse is passionate about crafting premium spirits. Their meticulous choice of botanicals, local climate and innovation in distilling have enabled the creation of a most elegant gin. Get ready to be transported to the beaches of the French Riviera with every sip.

And this spirit is easy on the eye, too. The founders have created a bottle that represents the sun and sea of France’s south-east, producing a delicately designed glass bottle that shines like a piece of the Mediterranean on your table or spirit shelf.

Ready to grab your bottle? 44°N Gin can be purchased online via The Drink Hive ($160) or from David Jones, Boozebud, The Wine Collective, or Dan Murphys. 

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