Miss Your Local Pub Or Restaurant? Show Your Support With These Sponorship Initiatives

Bars, Drink, Eat, Pubs, Restaurants, Sydney / 28 April 2020

Get behind your favourite local hospitality venues with these sponsorship initiatives, helping to save hotels, pubs and restaurants across the globe.

Right now, ordering takeaway feels like the only way we can support of our favourite hospitality venues. And don’t get us wrong, this is a great, practical way to get behind your favourite dining and drinking spots. From ready-made meals and takeaway eats to delicious pre-batched cocktails, many hospitality venues have embraced the to-go movement. But for others, cashflow and budget constraints mean that might not be a viable option.

On a mission to help struggling restaurants across the globe, TheFork has teamed up with Tripadvisor to launch #SaveOurRestaurants, a new initiative helping to raise immediate cash for venues in need. The online platform asks customers to sponsor their favourite local restaurants by purchasing a voucher for later use.

Sponsors can pledge anywhere from $10 to $250 AUD to their venue of choice and will receive the voucher by email. The restaurant will then receive the profits from the voucher to help them navigate the challenging period ahead. Plus, once the restaurant re-opens, sponsors can redeem their vouchers to enjoy a delicious meal at the venue. To find out more and support your favourite local restaurant, click here.

Similarly, the crew from Carlton&United Breweries and AHA have united to launch For The Love Of Your Local, an online platform helping to raise funds for pubs and hotels across the country. The initiative hopes to rally behind venues impacted by COVID-19, calling on punters support their local venues by buying a beer voucher. The best bit? CUB will match your voucher pint for pint to boost the funds raised for these venues. And when they reopen, you can redeem your beer voucher and cheers to occasion! To find out more, click here.