Q Station Manly, "Extreme Scream" Halloween Tour

Cool Sh*t, Play, Sydney / 18 September 2018

Expect the unexpected as you step back in time this Halloween with Q Station’s “Extreme Scream” tour.

Are you over watching lukewarm Hollywood slashers and eating your bodyweight in Cadbury chocolate each Halloween? Have you found that the scariest part of the holiday is bumping into your ex at the annual (and very repetitive) “Seven Deadly Sins” Halloween shindig? If you’re on the hunt for some truly frightening Halloween fun look no further than Sydney’s Q Station “Extreme Scream” tour.
Q Station Extreme Scream - Matron in Hospital Ward
Q Station’s “Extreme Scream” Halloween 15+ tour is 90 minutes of historical fact, ghost tales and lots of screams (but don’t worry, you’ll be laughing as you cry). Q Station has a fascinating history. From the 1830s all the way until 1984, migrant ships arriving in Sydney Harbour carrying contagious disease were required to reside in quarantine at North Head.
Whilst a place of supreme natural beauty, it was also a place of sickness, suffering and sadness. Even after their long, arduous journey to Australia, many did not make it into the city of Sydney. It is the belief that the spirits of those left behind still wander the rolling hills of North Head. And that’s where you come in.
Q Station Extreme Scream - Hospital
Start your evening of historical exploration and ghost hunting at Q Station’s own Boilerhouse Restaurant & Bar for some tasty nibbles and of course, liquid courage. You will need it for when you cosy up with the morgues sneaky resident spirit. It’s here that you’ll listen to some spine-tingling tales of the old hospital wards matron. You’ll even wander down the eerie hallway of the infamous “acid” shower blocks (watch your step but keep an eye out for any shadows that lurk amongst the stalls).
Now it is Halloween after all so who knows what’s going to pop out through the evening. All we can say is if you like your jump scares and adrenaline rushes confined to a scary movie sleepover, this may not be the tour for you…
Q Station Extreme Scream - Nurse Stabby
There’s something for the little ghosts and goblins as well. Bring out your favourite costumes and the face paint because the Scream Night Out is a fun night for the whole family and is suitable for kids 5-14. If you’re a true believer who fancies coming face to face with a wandering spirit, Q Station offers daily Ghostly Encounter tours, where you’ll get the full ghostly experience.
Feeling even more adventurous (or foolish)? The Spirit Searching Sleepover is the expedition for you. It says it all in the name. Visit Q Station’s website for all details on how to ensure you never sleep again after your night in the thick of it all.
Q Station’s “Extreme Scream” and “Scream Night Out” tours are running from the 26th of October to the 31st of October. Check out tickets here
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