Zero Point Six, Alexandria Cafe Review

Cafes, Eat, Sydney / 18 September 2018

Whether you’re a regular brunch lover, or a worker looking to reprieve the midday grind, Alexandria’s Zero Point Six is here to delight.

Instagram porn. Workplace hangout. Dainty homewares store. Function space. Alexandria’s Zero Point Six is working overtime to dazzle the competition in the Inner West.
Opening in mid-2017, the funky warehouse space has developed a reputation for being one of the trendiest venues in a suburb known for pushing the culinary boundaries. As is expected from a cafe in the Inner West, Zero Point Six isn’t easy to find. A sleek interior of bare timber tables, an exposed ceiling and cheesy 90s love songs give the venue a distinctive, quirky feeling.
Open Monday to Friday, with shortened hours on Saturday, Zero Point Six is a coffee-nook for the impatient workaholic. Teaming up with two Sydney based rosters: Reformatory Lab and Coffee Alchemy, Zero Point Six aims to give the mid-morning pick-me-up a flavour kick.
While the coffee takes its queues from Sydney, Zero Point Six’s menu channels the sensory overload associated with the bustling diversity of Japan. Owner Michelle and Head Chef Simon, have enthusiastically taken it in their stride to step away from the smashed-avo affair of norm.
Zero Point Six prawns
Albeit a little overwhelming, the three-page food menu allows diners to follow their cravings. While the regular breakfast dishes are on offer, for affordable prices nonetheless, the all-day brunch list gives you an idea of Simon and Michelle’s unique passion.
The highlight: the Pop Da Prawns ($18). Pairing a secret Japanese sauce with lightly battered prawns, the popping creation is completed with a croissant and avocado base. The French and Japanese flair continues with the Benny Went to Paris ($16), which sees eggs on toast sans toast, but with a croissant.
Zero Point Six rolls
While most of Zero Point Six’s plates are available for takeaway (perfect for a desk lunch), the Cut the Crab ($19) is for dine-in-only and it is worth pulling up a pew. Crispy soft-shell crab is rolled in a rice paper roll with peanut sauce and a pea infused cauliflower puree.
Stick around for lunch and the burger and roll menu will tempt you, if only for the inclusion of the renowned veggie crisps. Packed with deep fried vegetables and coleslaw, the Veggie All-the-Way ($14) is the pick of the buns.
Light salads include the 0.6 Poke ($17.50) with brown rice, a poached egg and plenty of veggie goodness; or the more inexpensive Zuccorni ($12) with oven-baked zucchini, buttery corn, edamame and your choice of protein.
Quench your thirst with a creative selection of Icy Frappes (all $6), or why not treat your indulgence with a beer or vino, only available after 10am of course.
When you finish dining, take a stroll around the expansive space and complete your artisanal experience by purchasing one of the many candles, knick-knacks or paintings on display.
Although Zero Point Six might have set out to surprise Alexandria workers fatigued by corner-store sandwiches, the fusion eatery is drawing a crowd of excitable brunch goers. While the food is undoubtedly ready to clog your social media feed, Zero Point Six offers more than click bait. Be it for a lunch-break haven or a long brunch affair, Zero Point Six will broaden your food loving horizons.
Zero Point Six is open Mon-Fri 7am-4pm, Sat 8am-3pm

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