Paddington Turning Organic

Drink, Drinks Guide, Sydney / 22 April 2015
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Paddington Turning Organic

Drink, Drinks Guide, Sydney / 22 April 2015

Paddington is fast becoming the organic home of Sydney, watch out Bondi! Known mainly as a fashion destination with major Australian labels residing at The Intersection, Paddo is now home to some new organic stores all starting with the letter O. You’ll find Ovvio Organic Tea’s and the newly opened Organic Avenue at Five Ways and a new Orchard Street store at The Intersection.
The organic craze that has swept the globe recently has seen more and more organic eateries and juice bars pop up and cement themselves in people’s day to day lives. It seems Paddington is at the forefront of all things fashion, food and drink.

Ovvio Organic Tea

With the motto ‘Good health is the ticket to a spectacular existence’ it’s easy to understand how Ovvio have won over the hearts of the die-hard organic lovers and general populace alike. Purveyors of premium organic tea Ovvio have a huge range whether it be a ‘cleanse’, ‘digestif’, ‘man’ or a good ol’ cup of English Breakfast. Tea can be purchased online or in store. We recommend in store, as the staff have a wealth of knowledge and their store is really beautiful.

Organic Avenue

Highly popular in the US these guys are the organic, plant-based grab & go retailer you might have been looking for. With the mobile fast paced world seeing more and more of us being forced to eat on the go it’s great to note that places are opening up with a health conscious perspective and an understanding of speed! We haven’t had a chance to sample their wares yet and from the looks of it they are firmly in the ‘premium’ organic business with some relatively high prices. We can’t put a cost on good health so check them out and this might be your new stop before work every morning.

Orchard Street – Paddington

The eastern suburbs cleanse masters have opened up in the boutique fashion capital of Sydney. At the intersection of Glenmore Road and Oxford Street sits some of Australia’s most highly acclaimed fashion labels. Now you can sip juice while finding your outfit for the next Oscar’s or Grammy’s.