Nudefish Poké Joins the Poké Revolution

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 22 September 2017

The poké bowl revolution is sweeping through Sydney. Nudefish Poké is the latest addition.

Bucket List Bondi Head Chef, Tom Walton and co-founder James Nathan are bringing their “boat to bowl” philosophy to the table with the first Nudefish Poké outlet popping up in North Sydney Greenwood Plaza this year.
What’s a poké bowl?
Poké bowls are a mix of raw, or what Tom and James, call “nude” ingredients. The bowls are a combination of Japanese style sauces, fresh vegetables and a base protein, usually raw fish. Nudefish Poké keep everything as natural as possible, making everything in house.
Nudefish Poké Spicy Citrus
We order two regular size bowls for $17 each. The Spicy Citrus Tuna is an mix of pickled ginger, snow pea sprouts and blobs of tobiko. The seaweed salad transports us the ocean with crispy onion added for texture. Nudefish Poké diners can choose their own base or go half and half. We opt for organic brown and can’t resist adding on a generous portion of avocado for $2.
Nudefish Poké Miso Eggplant
Nudefish caters to vegetarians with its Miso Sesame Eggplant bowl. The Meru Miso tahini sauce is heavenly, especially when infused with juicy eggplant. This time our base is kelp noodles which don’t have any real flavour. However, the salad with pickled carrots, seaweed and shredded kale is brought to aromatic life by the seasoning of furikake and togorashi spice.
For return visits we are excited to try the godly sounding Green Goddess Salmon with a intriguing cashew coconut crunch and the mixture of tofu and marinated mushrooms in the Down to Earth. All bowls include edamame beans, sesame seeds and cuts of cucumber and shallots. You can even build your own bowl from scratch.
Nudefish Poké juices
Nudefish also have a selection of cold pressed juices ($7). The Watermelon is a refreshing symphony of pomegranate, strawberry and vanilla shatavarit. Meanwhile, the Choc Mylk Shake is an ambitious concoction of activated almonds, cacao, maca powder and natvia.
Nudefish Poké featured
A regular bowl at Nudefish is filling. An intersection of the sea and the street, it’s easy to see why poké bowls are quickly becoming a favourite for those looking for a healthy mid-week meal. The Nudefish Poké team have plans to open further takeaway stores, with a 22-seat kitchen opening soon in Martin Place.
Nudefish Poké
Greenwood Plaza, North Sydney
Open: Mon-Fri: 8am-4pm, Sat: 9am-4pm