Newtown Is Set To Score A Multi-Level Vegan Supermarket

Cool Sh*t, Sydney / 22 September 2021

Greens Super Market, a multi-level vegan haven is set to open on Enmore Road later this year!

More people are taking the challenge to eat a vegan or plant-based diet which has resulted in an array of vegan restaurants popping up around Sydney. From pizzerias, pasta bars and more finer dining restaurants, there are many options when it comes to dining out. The one thing we haven’t seen, until now, is a vegan grocery store. Gone are the days of hopping from shop to shop to find your favourite vegan products. Greens Super Market is putting it all in a multi-level supermarket on Enmore Road.

The concept was thought up by Sophia Stewart-Kasimba and Pedro Martinez, the duo behind plant-based eatery Vandal Taqueria. After a few conversations with other vegan restaurant owners and their customers, it became clear there was a need for a one-stop shop for plant-based products in Sydney. And just like that, Greens was born!

The supermarket will be accessible to all – hardcore vegans, plant-based eaters and those open to exploring veganism. The supermarket will stock all the best vegan products including butters and cheeses from La Petit Fauxmagerie. The multi-level venue will also be home to Australia’s first plant-based sushi train Kimusabi, a New York-style pasta bar Cousin Sal’s and a speakeasy teppanyaki bar Outlaw. Safe to say this place is going to attract more than just the vegan community!

Greens Super Market plans to live by its name with environmentally friendly initiatives like solar panels on the roof to power refrigerators. They plan to hit a target of 0 food waste by 2024 by sending the leftover produce to restaurants in the building.

The supermarket is located close to the south King Street strip better know as the “vegan mile” which is lined with plant-based venues including Vandal, Golden Lotus and Gigi Pizzeria.

Find out more about the new supermarket HERE