Bonjour, Monopole! Sydney CBD Restaurant Gets A French Kiss

Eat, Sydney / 9 July 2024
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Bonjour, Monopole! Sydney CBD Restaurant Gets A French Kiss

Eat, Sydney / 9 July 2024

Craving coq au vin or a juicy duck burger? Monopole’s metamorphosis into a French restaurant is a delicious surprise.

For over a decade, Monopole has been a fixture in Sydney’s CBD, a place synonymous with a curated wine list and a thoughtful approach to dining. But as with all things good, Monopole is evolving. As of July this year, the venue has embraced its French leanings fully, transforming into a dedicated French restaurant.

Monopole duck

This isn’t a drastic overhaul, mind you. Long-time fans will recognise the essence of Monopole – the focus on quality, the understated elegance – but with a decidedly Gallic twist. The space itself has undergone a subtle transformation. Think plush velvet curtains framing the windows, casting a warm glow, and walls adorned with vintage French wine posters, a touch of history whispering amidst the contemporary fittings.

The menu, curated by chef Brent Savage, is where the true metamorphosis takes place. French classics take centre stage but reimagined with the Bentley Restaurant Group’s signature touch. Think rich boudin blanc sausage elevated with marron (a type of freshwater crayfish) and earthy morels, or the comforting indulgence of pot-au-feu, a slow-cooked stew traditionally featuring beef brisket.

Monopole eel mille fuille

But Monopole isn’t afraid to play with tradition either. Alongside these familiar favourites, you’ll find a duck burger – a playful yet sophisticated take on a modern classic – or a mille-feuille not of pastry and cream, but of smoked eel and green apple, a delightful textural contrast waiting to be savoured.

For those seeking a curated dining experience, a fixed-price menu is available for lunch and early dinners. Here, you can choose a two or three-course journey through French flavours, or opt for the full five-course extravaganza.

Monopole poached fish quenelle

Of course, no French restaurant is complete without a stellar wine list. Here, Monopole shines. Co-owner and sommelier Nick Hildebrandt, fresh off a trip to French wine regions, has expanded the selection, with a particular focus on Burgundies. French aperitifs and digestifs round out the beverage experience, ensuring every aspect of your meal feels authentically French.

Whether you’re a longtime Monopole devotee or simply seeking a taste of France in the heart of Sydney, the new iteration offers a chance to reconnect with timeless flavours presented with a touch of modern flair.

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