A Roman Holiday In Rose Bay: Martina Opens Its Doors

Eat, Sydney / 2 April 2024
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A Roman Holiday In Rose Bay: Martina Opens Its Doors

Eat, Sydney / 2 April 2024

Buongiorno, Rose Bay! 

There’s a new spot in Rose Bay enticing Sydney’s food lovers with a taste of Italy. Nestled in the lively neighbourhood, Martina, the playful cousin to the well-regarded Marta restaurant, brings the spirit of Roman and Italian cuisine to life.

Headed by restaurateur Flavio Carnevale, Martina offers an all-day dining experience, transforming itself from a bustling bakery in the morning to a vibrant pizzeria and Italian restaurant by nightfall. Imagine stepping into a charming trattoria on a sun-drenched Roman street – that’s the experience Martina aims to create.

Martina pizza

The heart of Martina lies in its celebration of fresh, seasonal ingredients. The bakery beckons with the aroma of freshly baked pastries, including the signature maritozzi – a sweet treat for those with a penchant for Italian brioche.

Come lunchtime, the focus shifts to pizza. Here, tradition meets contemporary flair with the Modern Roman Pinsa. This special dough promises a lighter and crispier base for your favourite toppings, a delightful twist on the classic pizza.

As the day progresses, Martina transforms into a welcoming Italian eatery. The menu boasts a selection of authentic Roman dishes, all prepared with a focus on quality local produce. Flavio’s dedication to his Italian heritage shines through in every dish, offering diners a chance to savour the true flavours of Italy.

Martina shop frontage

The drinks menu complements the food perfectly. Explore a curated selection of Italian wines, alongside French labels and up-and-coming Italian producers, all chosen by Flavio himself. For those not looking for alcohol, there’s a refreshing selection of non-alcoholic beverages on offer, along with classic Italian cocktails and spritzes.

The story behind Martina is a heartwarming one. Inspired by his Italian roots and a desire to foster a sense of community, Flavio’s vision for Martina took root during the challenging lockdown period of 2020. It’s a testament to his passion for authentic Italian food and his love for the neighbourhood that Martina seamlessly blends the essence of a Roman bakery, pizzeria, trattoria, and pasticceria, offering a delicious journey throughout the day.

Martina toast

“I envision Martina as a place where you can simply drop in anytime, day or night, and always find something to tempt you – food, coffee, wine,” says Flavio. “A relaxed, welcoming space, perfect for everyday enjoyment.”

Forget the long-haul flight – Martina offers a delightful escape to Italy right here in Rose Bay. Whether you’re a local or just discovering the neighbourhood’s charm, Martina entices you with its warm atmosphere, focus on fresh seasonal ingredients, and a touch of Roman authenticity.