Uncork Convenience Through A Glass Of’s New Wine List

Drink, Sydney / 29 February 2024

Wine in a pouch gets a sophisticated upgrade! 

For wine lovers who appreciate quality over quantity, “A Glass Of” has unveiled a new and exciting chapter in their journey. This innovative wine delivery service, renowned for its premium “wine-in-a-pouch” experience, has partnered with esteemed sommelier Shanteh Wale to curate a unique wine list, offering a delightful exploration for your palate.

Gone are the days of struggling to finish an entire bottle or sacrificing variety for convenience. A Glass Of’s latest offering allows you to indulge in a generous 200ml serving of five exceptional wines, each handpicked by Shanteh Wale. This curated selection features hidden gems from independent Australian winemakers across the country, encompassing regions like Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, and New South Wales.

A Glass Of collection

The list boasts a diverse range of flavours, including the crisp La Kooki Verdelho, the refreshing XO Wine Co Vino Bianco Cortese, the delicate blü hen Dry Rosé, the bold Watkins Siblings Series Grenache, and the intriguing Scion Daylight Red.

This collaboration between A Glass Of and Shanteh Wale goes beyond simply providing a convenient way to enjoy delicious wine but also celebrates Australian innovation and a commitment to supporting local, independent producers.

As Shanteh Wale herself remarks, “Collaborating with A Glass Of has been an exciting opportunity to share my passion for Australian wines with a broader audience.”

Beyond just exceptional taste and mindful curation, A Glass Of also prioritizes sustainability. Their “precycled” pouches require significantly less energy, water, and CO2 emissions to produce compared to traditional glass bottles. This commitment to eco-friendly practices adds another layer of appeal to their already impressive offering.

With its convenient format, focus on quality, and dedication to sustainability, it’s a delightful way to discover the hidden gems of the Australian wine scene, one delicious sip at a time.

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