Date Night Done Right! Kin Dining & Bar Brings Sexy Back To Marrickville

Eat, Sydney / 2 April 2024
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Date Night Done Right! Kin Dining & Bar Brings Sexy Back To Marrickville

Eat, Sydney / 2 April 2024

Kin Dining & Bar says “adults only” after dark!

Marrickville’s culinary scene is shaking things up, and Kin Dining & Bar is at the forefront. Forget your standard pub fare – this intimate 75-seater isn’t just about the food (though prepare to be wowed by that too). Kin throws a curveball with its unique approach to dinner service: after 5 pm, the lights dim, the music chills, and it transforms into an adults-only haven.

Designed by Splendour Interiors, the space oozes moody sophistication. Think dark hues punctuated by pops of gold, creating an atmosphere that’s perfect for a romantic rendezvous or a long-overdue night out with friends. But Kin is more than just aesthetics – it prides itself on attentive service and a menu that pushes boundaries, offering an experience that goes beyond the usual “chicken parm and a glass of pinot” routine.Kin Dining & Bar oysters

Chef Peter Wu, formerly of Sunset Sabi fame, isn’t afraid to get creative. He’s a champion of hyper-local ingredients, sourcing his bounty from Marrickville’s own Paesanella and Whole Beast Butchery. His work translates into dishes like burrata with a vibrant red chimichurri and star-anise-poached plum, a playful dance between creamy and tart, the dry-aged Erindale Jersey rib eye with nduja butter and roasted bone marrow is a carnivore’s dream and seafood enthusiasts can rejoice in the quintessential Nikkei dish – ceviche. Kin elevates this classic with hiramasa kingfish bathed in a punchy yuzu-wasabi ponzu, a vibrant exploration of contrasting flavours that perfectly captures the essence of the cuisine.

The innovative spirit extends beyond the kitchen. The cocktail list is a playground for mixologists, churning out signature concoctions like “The Kin,” a tantalising blend of salted caramel vodka, pineapple juice, and agave. Feeling tropical? The “Miss Margo” beckons with a refreshing mix of tequila, coconut, and yuzu, the perfect complement to the bold yet balanced flavours on the menu.

Now, here’s the twist: after 5 pm, Kin becomes a strictly 18+ zone. Yes, you read that right – adults only. Chef Wu explains the rationale: “We all know the struggle. You’re out for a nice dinner, excited to catch up with your partner or friends, and suddenly a crying baby or a restless toddler disrupts the whole vibe.”

Kin Dining & Bar scallops

Hold on, parents, before you grab your pitchforks. Weekend lunches are a free-for-all, and the playful, modern design of the restaurant itself welcomes guests of all ages. However, come dinner service, Kin aspires to be a haven for conversation, attentive service, and a menu that caters to a more mature palate.

This decision has sparked lively discussions, with some parents feeling excluded. But others are cheering – finally, an uninterrupted grown-up experience! Ultimately, Kin offers a choice. If you’re looking for a lively family outing, Marrickville has plenty of amazing family-friendly restaurants. But if you crave a sophisticated evening – a chance to indulge in delicious Nikkei cuisine, impeccable service, and adult conversation – Kin offers a welcome alternative.

Beyond the innovative menu and sleek ambience, Kin understands the desire for diverse dining experiences that cater to different needs. The adults-only policy fills a gap in the Marrickville market, offering a space for adults to unwind and savour a carefully curated meal, free from the potential chaos of a busy family environment.

Kin promises a grown-up escape – an evening of sophisticated indulgence minus the dinnertime drama. Think of it as your chance to unwind, savour delicious food and drinks, and reconnect with your inner adult (without the worry of rogue peas flying across the room).