Josh Niland’s Saint Peter Relocating To Paddington’s Grand National Hotel

Eat, Sydney / 1 May 2024
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Josh Niland’s Saint Peter Relocating To Paddington’s Grand National Hotel

Eat, Sydney / 1 May 2024

This iconic Sydney seafood restaurant is just getting bigger and better!

News has sent ripples of excitement through Sydney’s dining scene – Saint Peter, the Paddington institution synonymous with innovative seafood and a nose-to-tail philosophy, is setting sail for a new home. Come July 2024, Josh Niland’s acclaimed restaurant will find its anchor within the historic walls of the Grand National Hotel, just a stone’s throw from its original location.

This move signifies more than just a change of address.  It marks a new chapter for Saint Peter, one that promises to build upon its existing strengths while offering a more expansive and immersive dining experience.  For those who have come to cherish the unique magic of Saint Peter, fear not – the core values remain unchanged. Josh Niland’s unwavering commitment to sustainable practices and his dedication to showcasing the entire fish continue to be the driving force behind the menu. Diners can expect to see his signature whole-fish cookery take centre stage, with the skilled use of a charcoal grill and rotisserie ensuring an unparalleled celebration of the ocean’s bounty.

Josh Niland Saint Peter Team

The new location itself offers a fresh canvas for Saint Peter’s culinary vision.  Stepping through the doors, guests will be greeted by a light-filled dining room, bathed in the warm glow of a stunning skylight. The atmosphere promises to be both elegant and inviting, a perfect setting to savour the artistry on the plate. For those seeking an even deeper connection to the culinary experience, a custom-made chef’s table offers a coveted front-row seat to the mesmerizing dance of the kitchen. This intimate space allows diners to witness the meticulous preparation and cooking techniques that transform fresh seafood into culinary masterpieces.

But Saint Peter’s transformation extends beyond the walls of the dining room. The new location incorporates a dedicated bar, a welcome addition for those who wish to unwind and socialize before their meal. Here, the focus is on showcasing the very best of Australian produce, with a particular emphasis on rock oysters curated by Josh Niland and his team at the Fish Butchery. 

The expansion doesn’t stop there. The Grand National Hotel is set to become a true destination, with the inclusion of a 14-room boutique hotel. This exciting development allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in the Paddington experience.

The news of the move has understandably sparked a wave of anticipation. While the exact opening date is yet to be confirmed, reservations for August and September are already being accepted.  This is a testament to the enduring legacy of Saint Peter and the excitement surrounding its evolution. For long-time patrons, it signifies a chance to experience their beloved restaurant in a new light, with additional spaces to explore and savour.  

The story of Saint Peter’s move to the Grand National Hotel is more than just a physical relocation. It’s a story of growth, ambition, and a continued dedication to pushing the boundaries of seafood dining. It’s a chance for Josh Niland and his team to expand their vision, offering a wider range of experiences while staying true to the core values that have made Saint Peter a Sydney icon.

Saint Peter will move to The Grand National Hotel, 161 Underwood Street, Paddington, in July 2024 — reservations can be made here.