Uncut Seafood Delicatessen Offers Modern Take On A Fresh Catch

Eat, Sydney / 25 April 2024
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Uncut Seafood Delicatessen Offers Modern Take On A Fresh Catch

Eat, Sydney / 25 April 2024

Forget the fish and chips, this Bondi newcomer offers a fresh take on the seafood experience.

For seafood lovers in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, there’s a new reason to head to Bondi Road. Uncut Seafood Delicatessen, a family-run venture by the Lucas siblings, opens its doors on April 26th, promising a unique approach to the classic fish shop experience.

Founded by Nic Lucas and twins Jack and Kaitlin Lucas, Uncut Seafood Delicatessen is a passion project built on a deep appreciation for quality seafood. Hailing from a fourth generation of fishmongers, the siblings bring a lifetime of experience and a commitment to showcasing the best of the ocean’s bounty.

Step inside Uncut, and you enter a space that’s more akin to a sleek designer store than your corner fish and chip shop. Think quartzite countertops, glazed tiles, and brass accents – a carefully curated environment that sets the stage for the exceptional produce on offer.

Freshness is paramount at Uncut. The delicatessen sources its seafood directly from local Australian fishermen and the Sydney Fish Market, ensuring the highest quality and the best seasonal catches. Glass display fridges showcase the day’s offerings, with glistening fish on ice alongside a dedicated sashimi bench and an oyster shucking station.

The delicatessen also offers a variety of options for both takeaway and casual dine-in. Customers can indulge in freshly cut sashimi or oysters shucked to order. For those after a more substantial meal, there’s a menu featuring grilled fish dishes served with seasonal salads and sides.

A touch of family history also graces the menu. Look out for the Lucas family’s treasured recipes, like their Greek Yiayia’s famous Taramasalata dip and their Pappou’s pickled octopus, adding a personal touch to the dining experience.

What truly sets Uncut Seafood Delicatessen apart is the passion and knowledge of the Lucas siblings. Their years spent working alongside industry experts, combined with their family legacytranslate into an educational and personal experience for every customer. The team is dedicated to sharing their love of seafood and guiding customers towards the perfect catch.

The delicatessen itself defies expectations. Gone are the traditional fish shop aesthetics. You won’t find greasy fryers or mountains of battered fish here.