Team Behind Ikaria Open New Tapas Wine Bar In Bondi, Iberica

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 26 September 2023

Introducing Iberica: Bondi’s new tapas wine bar brings the Mediterranean to your table.

Bondi has long been the go-to spot for those in search of the quintessential Australian beachside dining experience. With Makaveli, Belles Hot Chicken, and Chouchou among the new favourites, this coastal suburb offers a diverse selection whether you’re after something casual or upscale.

Bondi is now taking foodies on an entirely new journey with the arrival of Iberica, a fresh tapas wine bar set to transport your taste buds straight to the heart of the Mediterranean.

Iberica is all about authenticity. It draws inspiration from the sun-soaked villages along Spain’s Balearic coast, and as you step inside, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to one of these picturesque locales.

Executive Chef Ivan Sanchez, with an impressive 15-year culinary journey and a Spanish background, leads the charge in crafting a menu that celebrates the essence of the Mediterranean. Under his guidance, every dish is a masterpiece, reflecting the vibrant flavours and rich traditions of Spanish cuisine.

Start your Iberica culinary adventure with the Appellation Oysters paired with gazpacho and the housemade Pan Rustico with a truffle butter candle. Don’t miss the Croquetas de Bacalao, a delightful treat of salted cod croquettes with duck mayonnaise.

Seafood lovers will find joy in the Pulpo Grillado, a grilled octopus dish accompanied by smoked potato cream and paprika, and the Paella de Mariscos with a flavourful green salsa and charred lemon. For those with a penchant for grilled meats, indulge in the Lomo Bajo al Carbon, charcoal-grilled sirloin with pedro ximenez reduction, or the Pollo Grillado, featuring a succulent grilled spatchcock with corn reduction.

Save room for dessert because Iberica serves up delectable options like Flan, a caramel pudding infused with manchego cheese, and Churros paired with dulce de leche ice cream.

Joaquin Saez, the Managing Director, considers Iberica a true labor of love. With an extensive history of contributing to esteemed Sydney venues like Cho Cho San, Fratelli Paradiso, and Alberto’s Lounge, Saez brings a wealth of expertise and passion to this project.

Carlo Valdivia, the Head of the Bar at Iberica, has traveled from London to Sydney, honing his skills in the art of wine pairing with food. With prior experience at iconic venues like Porte├▒o, Continental Deli, and Sokyo, Valdivia is poised to elevate your dining experience through an expertly curated wine selection.

Together, this all-star team is dedicated to ensuring that every visit to Iberica is a memorable journey through Mediterranean flavours and culture. Bondi locals and visitors alike are in for a treat!

Iberica is open for dinner Wednesday – Sunday from 5pm – 1am, and lunch on Saturday and Sunday from 12pm – 12am. Find out more here.