Endgame – a Sydney Theatre Production

Film & Art, Play, Sydney / 31 March 2015

Hugo Weaving. Endgame. Yes.
In 2013 Hugo Weaving stared in Waiting for Godot. In 2015 Hugo Weaving is set to star in Endgame. 
The two pieces are written by Samuel Beckett and spotlight the destructive nature of World War II, coupled with the foreboding doom brought on by the nuclear age.
The end is near and Hamm ( Hugo Weaving) and his son Clov are threatened, sheltered in an underground room with Hamms parents. When all seems lost outside, the spotlight turns on family. The four sit, stand and pace around the shelter and in the face of mortality play out the game of life.
As Sydney Theatre puts it, “In the mix of dark comedic repartee and distilled insight, Beckett’s singular voice rings clear – absurdity in the face of meaninglessness, sorrow in the face of futility, humour in the face of mortality.”
Duration: 110 minutes
When: 31 March — 9 May 2015
Where: Roslyn Packer Theatre, formerly known as Sydney Theatre
Tickets: https://www.sydneytheatre.com.au/whats-on/productions/2015/endgame