Around the World with 135 Wines

Drink, Events, Sydney / 29 March 2015

We’ve got two words to make any wine-lover weak at the knees; unlimited-tasting. March into Merivale is in full swing, and on Wednesday night they took it international with their ‘Around the World Wine Showcase’, as I found myself a spot in the queue that was a good three to four people deep.
We had grape expectations for the evening’s showcase, as over 135 of Merivale’s world-class wines from fourteen countries had been handpicked by renowned sommelier, Franck Moreau.
Once we drank our way around Australia and New Zealand in the Palings Bar and Kitchen, we wound up the staircase to the second level that promised wines from all across the globe.
Fourteen countries had their finest wines on show, with cultural representatives standing at each stall, wine bottle in hand ready to load you up with information that we normally only read from the back of the bottle. From Moèt, to Sake, we tried almost all of them, and hell we even found a favourite – a 2012 Villa Maria ‘Private Bin’ Syrah wine ($25) from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Never being one to brag about ‘oaky, corky, or fruity’ notes I’m tasting in wine, raising the glass to my nose I got a distinct hit of pepper, and something else… smoked bacon. Call us impressed.
Here’s our pick of some of the standout wines presented at the showcase:
2014 Pierre Chermette Beaujolais ‘Cuvèe Les Griottes’ Gamay from Frances Beaujolais region, $27 – a soft and smooth red for those that like their wine a little milder.
2011 Beyerskloof Chenin Blanc/Pinotage from South Africa’s Stellenbosch region, $21 – a complex wine which is 80 percent white, and 20 percent red, achieved through peeling a red wine grape (so, it’s a white wine with a red flavour).
2014 Charles Melton ‘Rosè of Virginia’ from South Australia’s Barossa Valley, $22 – a fairly neutral Rosè, that was grown in the same field as zucchinis, giving it quite a complex taste.
wine bottles
The evening came with two complimentary food tickets (a bit of nosh to line the stomach), which we readily cashed in for some spicy empanadas with sour cream and capsicum, and a bowl of wagyu beef with polenta.
A Chandon Vintage pop-up bar was a particularly sparkling and glamorous feature of the showcase, and will be available to guests from Tuesday-Friday all throughout March into Merivale. Decked out in 60’s and 70’s glamour, the bar will be offering guests an exclusive Chandon Vintage selection, specialized cocktails and food – we’re talking caviar with toast and crème fraiche ($250) and freshly shucked oysters with champagne vinaigrette ($24).
March into Merivale hosts over fifty food and drink events across the end of February and March, including cooking classes, showcases, brunches, and surprise events.
23rd February – 29th March.