Beyond the Buzz: Surry Hills’ Ellu Cafe Beckons With Cozy Charm

Cafes, Eat, Sydney / 19 January 2024
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Beyond the Buzz: Surry Hills’ Ellu Cafe Beckons With Cozy Charm

Cafes, Eat, Sydney / 19 January 2024

Escape the Surry Hills rush and indulge in the slow magic of Ellu.

Tucked away on a bustling Surry Hills corner, Cafe Ellu whispers a quiet invitation amidst the urban hum. Unlike its vibrant neighbours, Ellu beckons not with loud neon but with the gentle allure of a snug yet light interior.

Climb the blushing pink stairs, and the city’s frenetic pace melts away. Inside, a sun-kissed room unfolds, sandstone walls and worn wooden floorboards echoing a well-loved home. Books fill ramshackle shelves, miniature artworks add playful touches, and a duckling figurine winks conspiratorially. It’s a space that whispers stories, a backdrop for quiet conversations and lingering afternoons.

Ellu’s charm, however, goes beyond aesthetics. It’s in the story of Elly Kwon, the chef whose Korean upbringing and Sydney culinary journey infuse every dish. Take the Burrata Over the Moon, where the creamy orb cradles a burst of basil oil, while sun-kissed cherry tomatoes sing with natural sweetness, their skins meticulously candied by hand.

And the whispers grow bolder with the Vegan Summer Main. A vibrant tower of beetroot dances with crisp red cabbage and buttery asparagus, crowned with slices of spicy radicchio. Here, coconut labneh replaces feta, offering a plant-based comfort that resonates without fanfare. It’s a dish that speaks to inclusivity and creativity.

Of course, comfort at Ellu isn’t limited to the unconventional. There’s the familiar warmth of avocado toast, the simple elegance of pan con tomate, and the reassuring embrace of a perfectly executed B&E. Yet, alongside these classics, bolder notes emerge. A rich crab pasta beckons, while a slow-cooked brisket burger promises to satiate even the most discerning palate.

But the true crowning jewel is the French toast. A thick slice of brioche, bathed in a decadent egg custard, then kissed with the caramelised bliss of a perfect brûlée. The sweetness dances with fresh strawberries and a whisper of Chantilly cream, a finale that leaves you sighing with contentment.

And this is just the beginning. Ellu, like its namesake, the Korean word for “you,” asks you to linger a while, to make this cozy haven your own.

So, if you’re seeking a respite from the rush, a space where stories whisper in the rustle of pages and the clink of cutlery, look no further than Cafe Ellu. Climb those pink stairs, and let this Surry Hills hideaway surprise you with its quiet charm and the unspoken promise of a home away from home.