Maybe Sammy’s Newest Cocktail Bar, Dean And Nancy On 22

Bars, Sydney / 10 May 2021

Due to open this May, Dean and Nancy on 22 will deliver a decadent cocktail experience inside the brand new A by Adina hotel.

Just when you thought the team behind Maybe Sammy & Maybe Sammy Jnr. couldn’t do any better, they’ve gone ahead and created yet another unique cocktail experience in the heart of the CBD. Located inside the new luxury apartment hotel on Hunter Street, Dean and Nancy will be the place you go to have fun in a decadent and dramatic way. The bar motto is, “You’ve got to know the rules to break the rules”, and you can expect everything to be served with a side of witty and playful service.

From the lobby of the hotel, you’ll ascend the brass staircase to a 120 seater bar designed by Architect George Licissianis (Sammy Junior, Chin Chin Sydney, The Apollo, The Dolphin Hotel). Pick your poison and enjoy 360-degree twinkling city views from low black leather banquets, intimate tables or high bar stools.
Things aren’t as they seem at first glance of the cocktail menu. Order the ‘Rolling A Double’ cocktail and you’ll be delivered a pair of dice; roll a double and you’ll score a cocktail upgrade. Whether you’re sipping one of the 15+ signature concoctions, indulging in the handful of Highroller cocktails made with premium spirits or exploring the reinvented non-alcoholic classics, your time at Dean & Nancy is one you’ll be thinking about until your next visit.
The food menu is designed by Executive Chef Jane Strode who has worked in some of Australia’s best restaurants for over 25 years. The kitchen motto is, “simple yet bold”, and you can expect everything to be served in an innovative and impressive way. Order ‘Take the Fireball’ and you’ll be delivered nduja whipped into a ball with cream cheese, marjoram and lemon, swathed in crunchy Kataifi pastry and then baked until almost molten on the inside, before being placed upon a dab of tomato jam and served with pickles to create the ultimate bar snack.

Opening: Set to open in mid-May.
Address: A by Adina Sydney, 2 Hunter Street, Sydney

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