Cool Things That Launched In Lockdown

Cool Sh*t, Play, Sydney / 28 July 2021

There’s plenty to keep you busy this winter with brands bringing innovative ideas to life to distract us from lockdown.

We’ll be the first to admit that lockdown is a bit sh*t. Sure, it was a novelty at first and it gave us an excuse to organise the pantry, tidy up the spare room and tend to our plants. Fast forward to a month in, with another month confirmed, and we’d rather throw the laptop across the room than join another awkward Zoom meeting.

But, it’s certainly not all bad. While “pivot” may be the most overused word of the year, it certainly does encapsulate the way some brands have embraced the change. We are loving the creative geniuses who are making life in lockdown just that little bit easier. Here are the coolest new products, events, ideas and concepts to come out of lockdown.

Online classical music shows with paired food and wine

If you’re missing live music, you’re going to love A Night In Quarantino with Van-Anh Nguyen. Nguyen is teaming up with two other classical musicians this Friday night with a virtual dinner and a show. A Night in Quarantino is an extension of Nguyen’s Perfect Pairings, events which perfectly pair music and wine. Dinner is provided by Blue Door chef, Dylan Chashman. Find out more and book here.

Gin making packs

Ever wanted to make your own artisan style gin? Now you can. GINKIT makes premium gin making kits to help you create a boozy concoction in less than 36 hours. Everything that you need to create an at-home distillery is provided. Order yours here

Bake at home pastries

Let’s be honest. Being in lockdown is not the time to diet. Instead, we suggest taking full advantage of the new bake-at-home pastry packs by Three Mills Bakery. Choose pastries here

Online escape rooms

Imagine that a secret agent who has been sent on a mission into the future goes missing, and it’s your job to find out where he is before the timeline crumbles and the future is altered forever. Temporal Jungle is a game that you used to be able to play at Enigma Escape Room, and now it’s available online. Play online here

Live-streamed yoga 

Part dance party, part yoga session, The Future Sound of Yoga is live-streaming a flow session this Friday night. Get tickets here. 

Beach puzzles

There’s no better way to pass the time than by admiring the beautiful scenes of Sydney’s coast. If your 10km radius doesn’t include the beach, you’ll be able to get your fix with these new jigsaw puzzles that feature some of Sydney’s best beaches. Salt Gallery have turned local photographer Dharma Bendersky’s works into 1000-piece puzzles. Choose your puzzle here

Bottled cocktails

We had these last lockdown, but we’d go as far to say they are even better this time around. Why bother shaking them yourself when some of Sydney’s best bartenders can do it for you? Find out more here

Pottery and wine nights

Sourdough is so 2020. This year we’re getting our hands dirty with clay. Clay Sydney is bringing their popular Wine & Clay Nights to your house with live streamed classes. All you need to do is buy one of their Clay At Home Kits and then follow along online. Get your kit here

Comfy clothes

There’s no doubt that we’re spending more time in our sweats now that we’re all stuck at home, so it makes sense that more comfort wear brands are popping up. Our favourite is Uniek, classic Australian-made loungewear that celebrates sustainability. Shop loungewear here