The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Guide / 27 November 2023
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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Guide / 27 November 2023

From curated bundles to an experience at Australia’s premier surf park, discover the gifts we’re excited to give and receive this Christmas.

The festive season is approaching, prompting the start of gift curation for yourself and others. The aim is to ensure everyone feels genuinely valued, so we’ve handpicked the very best gifts this year. Our guide spans experiences, gift cards, curated bundles, beverages, and an array of options in between to help you spread joy this season.

Kentucky Owl Confiscated: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Indulge the bourbon connoisseur in your circle this festive season with Kentucky Owl’s Confiscated. Crafted in the United States and aged in oak, this premium bourbon whiskey promises an exquisite experience. Its flavour profile boasts elegance, offering delightful hints of oak, caramel, mesquite banana bread, and dark chocolate on the nose. At 48.2% ABV, this exceptional spirit strikes a perfect balance, blending sweetness with dry oak and spice—a true embodiment of the ideal Christmas drink. Order online here.

Traeger Grills Ironwood: Premier Outdoor Cooking Solution

Experience the next level of grilling innovation with the Traeger Ironwood Wifi pellet grill. With a generous 885 square inches of premium grill space and a double side-wall stainless steel interior, the Ironwood redefines grilling capabilities. Its WiFIRE® technology empowers you to control the grill and keep an eye on your food remotely, enabling you to socialise with guests while flawlessly preparing your Christmas lunch. Shop at BBQ’s Galore Australia here.

Gonzo Vino: Extremely Drinkable & Stylish Cask Wine

Gonzo Vino, founded by ex-sommelier Marcus Radny, is on a playful mission to resurrect the charm of cask wine. Our picks are “Splishy Splashy,” a chillable Tinta Barocca, and “Get A Grip,” a very drinkable Vermentino, which both come in sustainable and stylish packaging. These 3L casks, priced at $66, stay drinkable for 6-8 weeks after opening. They’re the ideal Christmas gift for wine lovers with good style. Order online here.

Handsel: Thoughtful Gift Bundles From $65

Discover an effortless way to find thoughtful gifts with Handsel’s handcrafted gift packs designed for contemporary book enthusiasts. Simplifying the gifting process, Handsel carefully selects, packs, and delivers bundles tailored to diverse interests—whether it’s for cocktail aficionados, sun enthusiasts, luxury brand lovers, home cooks, expectant mothers, and more. Starting at $65, these meticulously crafted packages are hand-packed and delivered straight to your door. Shop online here.


One Hundred Beaches: Coffee Table Book Showcasing Sydney’s Best Beaches

Discover the picturesque allure of Sydney’s coastal wonders with “One Hundred Beaches Sydney,” meticulously curated by Vincent Rommelaere and Amanda Woods. From renowned spots like Bondi to hidden harbour gems, this book unveils the beauty lining the city’s shores. Delve into captivating stories from surfing champions, lifesavers, and community leaders like Sam Bloom, David Leslie, and Grant Trebilco, making it a treasure trove of coastal narratives. Priced at $55, it’s the perfect gift for any beach lover’s home. Order online here.

Four Pillars Christmas Gin 2023 bottle featuring boxed packaging and round bauble Christmas ornaments on table.

Four Pillars Christmas Gin: Gin With The Flavours Of Australian Christmas Pudding

Four Pillars presents its yearly exclusive offering, Christmas Puddings Gin, matured for a year in 100-year-old Muscat barrels. This distinctive gin harmonises classic juniper scents with festive spices, offering a lavish palate accentuated by a delicate Muscat sweetness. Encased in a special Christmas gift box, this latest edition is an elegant addition to your bar or a delightful gift beneath the tree. Available at $100 per bottle. Order online here.

URBNSURF Gift Card: Australia’s Surf Park Boasting 10/10 Waves

Looking for a gift that creates lasting memories? Purchase a gift card to Australia’s premier surf park featuring a sprawling two-hectare surfing lagoon, delivering up to 500 flawless, two-meter-high waves hourly. With customised zones catering to various skill levels and ages, it’s an inclusive haven for beginners and seasoned surfers alike. Novices can dive into surf lessons guided by welcoming coaches, ensuring an unforgettable and tailored experience for all. Gift Cards remain valid for three years post-purchase, redeemable at URBNSURF Melbourne and Sydney (opening 2024)! Purchase online here.

Thousand Apologies: Small Batch Hot Chilli Sauce

Thousand Apologies creates delicious and utterly irresistible hot chilli sauce in Melbourne. Their Batch Two Set, an ideal gift under $50, features a range of thrilling flavours for chilli enthusiasts. From mild jalapeño to the scorching Carolina Reaper, each sauce showcases Australian native ingredients and locally sourced chillies. They maintain sustainable practices with fully recyclable or compostable packaging, alongside a commitment to donating 1% of annual profits to charity. Order online here.

Twelve Gins: Collection Of The Finest Gins In One Box

Twelve Gins is a convenient selection showcasing the finest gins. This exclusive box includes twelve garnishes and mixers, inviting you to savour each day leading up to Christmas with exceptional juniper blends and botanicals. Crafted by Box Bar, this curated collection embodies their extensive exploration of Australia’s diverse gin landscape, offering you their top picks. Priced at $299, it’s an ideal treat tailored for aficionados passionate about the world of gin. Shop online here.

Fever Tree Spirits Christmas Crackers: Miniature Spirit & Mixer Bottles

Tired of the typical Christmas cracker filled with disposable trinkets? Fever-Tree introduces a delightful twist with their spirit-inspired Christmas crackers, perfect for adorning your holiday dinner table. Each pack comprises four 150ml cans of Fever-Tree mixers and four 50ml miniature spirit bottles. The assortment includes Fever-Tree Premium Soda Water with Grey Goose Vodka, Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic with Four Pillars Blood Shiraz Gin, Fever-Tree Mexican Lime Soda with Espolon Reposado, and Fever-Tree Dry Ginger Ale with Chivas XV. Order online here.

Gozney: Portable Oven Ideal For Neapolitan-Style Pizzas

Gozney offers a variety of ovens, among them the renowned Roccbox, a portable gem perfect for pizzas. With the ability to cook Neapolitan-style pizza in just 60 seconds, thanks to its impressive temperature capabilities, this oven is a game-changer. It’s equipped with a silicone jacket, a built-in thermometer, and a removable burner system, making it user-friendly and ideal for families. This portable pizza oven is a top contender on every foodie’s Christmas wishlist this year, priced at $799. Order online here.

Fazeek: Handcrafted Qwerky Glassware

Fazeek, a Melbourne-based homeware brand, combines practicality with strikingly sculptural designs. The FAZEEK collection takes cues from the sleek lines of contemporary architecture and the organic beauty found in nature. Elevate daily living with a modern and playful glassware range, which includes everything from chic glasses to candle holders and vases. There’s something for every taste, ensuring your home remains effortlessly stylish. Shop online here.