Get a Bloody Mary Burger delivered to your desk for the ultimate post-Cup hangover cure

Eat, Sydney / 25 October 2019

Chargrill Charlie’s don’t mess around when it comes to recovery feeds (and neither should you).

Getting ready for a night out involves plenty of planning. From scouting out the perfect venue to wrangling your crew and even picking an outfit for the occasion, there’s a hell of a lot to organise. And Sydneysiders take the whole process very seriously. Because with so many cracking venues dotted across the city, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to planning the perfect night. But, when was the last time you prepared for the day after the night before?

With Melbourne Cup just around the corner, the team at Chargrill Charlie’s have stepped up to the plate. With 30 years of hangover-curing experience under their belt, they’re leveling up their menu to serve the sore heads of Sydney this summer. Meet the Bloody Mary Burger, an irresistible combination of beef, cheese, tomato, grilled onions, pickles and a fried egg. The best bit? The burger comes dripping in their secret finger-licking Bloody Mary sauce.

Chargrill Charlies Bloody Mary Burger 2019

Gearing up for a big race day? Do a solid for your future self and pre-order Chargrill Charlie’s Melbourne Cup Hangover Pack, loaded with all the recovery essentials you need to get back into the saddle. Log onto their new online catering service and nab all the goods you (and your office) nechared. Each pack comes loaded with eight Bloody Mary Burger, devil wings and wedges designed to fix even the bleariest of heads. Trust us, you’ll be the most popular person in the team after this.

Stuck for last-minute Melbourne Cup catering? Let the Chargrill Charlie’s team sort you out with their Melbourne Cup Party Pack. Pick your own mix of their famous BBQ or Portuguese chicken, a selection of salads, veggies and rolls.

Chargrill Charlie’s Melbourne Cup Hangover Pack and limited-edition Bloody Mary Burger will be available in-store for one-day-only on Wednesday, November 6th. To pre-order your recovery feed, click here.