Butter Ramen Club Tour

Eat, Sydney / 28 April 2021
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Butter Ramen Club Tour

Eat, Sydney / 28 April 2021

Ramen fans rejoice, winter is here and so are 6 different ramens to try at Butter.

Butter is the sneaker, fried chicken and champagne bar that’s become renowned for their fried chicken ramen during winter. It’s back, just in time for the colder season and this time Executive Chef Julian Cincotta has teamed up with four of Australia’s best chefs to create six different ramens for you to try over the next six months.

Each ramen will be unique and in collaboration with the chef and their signature venue. The Ramen Club Tour will run from Tuesday, 20 April – Tuesday, 26 October.

The first one to try is Julian’s Fried Chicken Ramen ($20). This Ramen is a tonkotsu style ramen including Butter’s crispy fried chicken tenders, fresh thick cut ramen noodles, ajitsuke tamago (marinated soft-boiled half egg) and enoki mushrooms in a chicken and dashi-based broth.

The line-up continues with signature ramen dishes from Kirby Craig (Ume Burger), Nick Smith (Rising Sun Workshop) Louie Tikaram, (Stanley, Brisbane) and Luke Powell (LPs Quality Meats).

All 6 ramens will be available in limited numbers each day for one month at Butter Surry Hills, Parramatta + Chatswood

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Butter Ramen Club Tour Dates: ‘

Julian Cincotta – Butter
Butter’s Famous Fried Chicken Ramen
20 April – 17 May

Kirby Craig – Ume Burger
The Ume Miso Corn – a miso-based tare with corn and Butter’s chicken broth
18 May – 21 June

Nick Smith – Rising Sun
Burnt Ends Chicken Hot Ballz – a burnt ends glaze on Butter’s Fried Chicken
22 June – 26 July

Julian Cincotta – Butter, Sydney
French Dip Ramen – combining 2 of Butter’s great – a fried chicken sandwich to dip in your ramen
27 July – 30 August

Louis Tikaram – Stanley, Brisbane
5 Spice Fragrant Ramen (utilising a mix of Cantonese and Japanese flavours). Served with Butter’s Fried Chicken
31 August – 27 September

Luke Powell – LPs Quality Meats
LP’s, known for his small goods, will be making a smokey flavour packed chicken smallgood for this special ramen
28 September – 26 October