The Best Ramen In Sydney

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Slurp up the best ramen Sydney has to offer!

It’s that time of year where we find ourselves in search of all things comfort-related. Leaving the warmth of your doona may be a difficult task, so here’s a list of where to find Sydney’s best bowls of ramen to lure you out from under the covers.

Butter, Surry Hills & Parramatta

Fried chicken aficionados, Butter are once again tempting us with their fried chicken ramen. This Ramen is a tonkotsu style ramen consisting of one of Butter’s crispy fried chicken tenders, fresh thick cut ramen noodles, ajitsuke tamago (marinated soft boiled half egg) and enoki mushrooms in a chicken and dashi based broth. A limited number of bowls will be available everyday at each Butter venue – Surry Hills, Parramatta and Chatswood for a limited time only. Find out more here.

Chaco Ramen, Darlingurst

Chaco Bar is Darlinghurst’s favourite small Japanese restaurant, and with only 25 seats, this energetic spot fills up fast. Offering 4 types of ramen, and a small selection of sides, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into the back streets of Tokyo. Make sure you check out the healthy selection of sakes on offer. Whilst you can’t get this ramen 24/7, they offer a selection of yakitori when the ramen isn’t available. Find out more here.

Gogyo, Surry Hills

This Surry Hills eatery is an offshoot of the company that bought us Ippudo, so naturally, the ramen is pretty exceptional. This ‘casual-chic’ ramen bar invites guests to sit and enjoy Japanese style appetisers with a drink, before diving into steaming bowls of delicious ramen. Find out more here.

Gumshara Ramen

Gumshara, Haymarket

Located in the Eating World Food Court in Chinatown, Gumshara has become a cult classic for Sydneysiders, who have been going crazy for it since 2009. They are famous for their thicker style pork broth, however, they do offer the more common styles like shoyu ramen and miso ramen. Find out more here.

Hakata-Maru, Chatswood

Hakata-Maru is another global chain to have graced Aussie shores. This chain has over 800 outlets in Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, America and Russia. Hakata sets itself apart by using noodles that are slightly thinner compared to other ramen noodles. Find out more here.

Ichi-ban Boshi, Various Locations

Ichi-ban Boshi has been feeding Sydneysiders with their ramen for over 20 years, so they must be doing something right. Ichi-ban Boshi has 2 CBD locations and one in the Eastern suburbs, however, the menus do differ slightly between locations. Find your nearest spot here.

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Ippudo, Various Locations

Ippudo is a global chain that arrived on Australian shores a few years ago. Since that time, this ramen institution has grown to include four outlets, with eateries in Chatswood, Central Park, Macquarie and Westfield. Ippudo is a reliable choice for ramen and is always good value. Unlike most ramen venues, they offer a popular veggie option. Find out more here.

Manpuku, Chatswood & Kingsford

Manpuku is famous among UNSW students who regularly fill the outlet in Kingsford. If the Eastern suburbs is a bit of a stretch and you’re located on the other side of the bridge, there’s also a Manpuku outlet in Chatswood. We love the cute touch of printing the ‘Manpuku’ business name on the seaweed. Find out more here.

Menya Japanese Noodle Bar, CBD

This modern ramen restaurant has 19 variations of hot ramen and a cold option, because why not? This CBD nook also has an a la carte menu with other Japanese favourites, meaning there’s something to suit all needs. Find out more here.

Ramen Zundo, World Square

The specialty dish at this ramen joint is Tsukumen ramen, a style of ramen where the noodles come separately to the broth. Head to Ramen Zundo, in World Square, and cue your messy attempts at dipping the noodles into the broth pre-slurping them up. Find out more here.

RaRa Ramen, Randick & Redfern

People are going gaga for RaRa Ramen, a newcomer Sydney’s ramen scene. Located in Redfern and a second location now open in Randwick, it is not uncommon to see those eager to dive into a bowl of this ramen queued outside the small restaurant. Ramen ‘you’d slurp on the streets of Japan’, the stocks and noodles are made fresh in-store daily. Find out more here.

Rising Sun Workshop, Newtown

This bike workshop-come-Japanese restaurant is located in Newtown. This is probably the only place you will find a breakfast ramen, with buttered toast and bone broth, bacon, egg and tomato. From 10am, they even sling a couple breakfast cocktails to round off the experience. Find out more here.

Ryo’s Noodles, Crows Nest 

Ryo’s has been a hidden gem of the Lower North Shore for a long time, and more recently they have ventured to the Eastern suburbs and opened a Bondi restaurant. Neither eatery is anything elaborate, but the long lines outside are a testament to the quality of ramen they provide. Find out more here.

Yasaka, CBD

Located on Liverpool Street on the outskirts of Chinatown is Yasaka. Along with the usual suspects and classic Japanese side dishes, Yasaka offers a massive $39 bowl of ramen. Called the ‘Mashi Mashi King’, it is topped with grilled pork rib, Kakuni (braised pork belly), chashu (some more pork), an egg, spring onions, bamboo shoots, seaweed, cabbage and bean sprouts. Whilst they recommend you share this monster bowl, we personally like the challenge of eating it solo. Find out more here.

What’s your favourite Sydney ramen? Have we missed any? Let us know here:

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