Hallelujah! Book of Mormon’s Hilarious Mission Returns to Sydney

Play, Sydney / 23 April 2024
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Hallelujah! Book of Mormon’s Hilarious Mission Returns to Sydney

Play, Sydney / 23 April 2024

This award-winning musical is coming back in 2025, promising another holy good time.

Get ready to dust off your playbill, because The Book of Mormon is returning to Sydney in July 2025!

This award-winning musical, a brainchild of the infamous South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone alongside Robert Lopez of Avenue Q fame, is a unique blend of satire, social commentary, and toe-tapping tunes. It follows the misadventures of Elder Price and Elder Cunningham, two mismatched Mormon missionaries sent on a mission to a remote corner of Uganda. Price, the enthusiastic overachiever, clashes with Cunningham, the socially awkward and questioning companion. Their attempts to spread the gospel in a place facing very different challenges than they anticipated lead to hilarious situations and a heartwarming message about faith, friendship, and finding your own voice.

The Book Of Mormon Returns Travellers

The Book of Mormon’s first Australian run in 2015 was a runaway success. It shattered box office records in Sydney, becoming the highest-grossing musical in the city’s history. Melbourne audiences were just as enthusiastic, with the show enjoying the highest pre-sale period for any production at the Princess Theatre. It also went on to win the prestigious Helpmann Award for Best Musical, solidifying its place in Australian theatre history.

While the show’s humour is undeniably irreverent, it’s also surprisingly clever. The musical boasts catchy, satirical songs that pay homage to classic Broadway melodies. Despite the outrageous subject matter, the underlying message resonates with audiences. As one London critic put it, “The Book of Mormon is cool enough for the younger crowd, but it probably won’t upset your mum too much – despite the swear words.” The show’s ability to poke fun at religious culture while ultimately celebrating the power of human connection is a key part of its appeal.

The Book of Mormon, while undeniably funny, has also sparked conversations about religious satire and the boundaries of humour. Despite some initial controversy, the show’s creators have maintained that their aim is not to mock religion itself, but rather to poke fun at some of the more rigid aspects of religious culture. Ultimately, the show leaves audiences with a message of acceptance and understanding, even as it delivers its laughs with a healthy dose of irreverence.

The Book Of Mormon Returns Cast Focus

This new expanded version provides a bit more background on the story, highlights the show’s award history, and touches on the cultural impact of the musical. It also offers a more nuanced perspective on the humour, acknowledging its irreverence while emphasizing the underlying message.

The new production will premiere at the Sydney Capitol Theatre in July 2025. Exact dates and casting information haven’t been revealed yet, but you can sign up for the waitlist on the musical’s website to be notified when tickets go on sale. So, mark your calendars, Sydney – missionary work (of the musical kind) is coming back to town!