Betty’s Burgers now open in Darling Harbour

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 12 July 2017

Get a tasty burger from Noosa’s own Betty’s Burgers here in Sydney.

Sydney’s burger scene is in the midst of an invasion of Queensland burgers into our state, with Brooklyn Depot, Ze Pickle and now Betty’s Burgers is setting up shop. While NSW doesn’t like to concede defeat to Queenslanders in our rugby, with burgers we happily surrender. Betty’s has long been hailed Queensland’s best burgers, originating in Noosa, but now has risen to ten stores all over Australia. Sydney is the latest venue for Betty, choosing Darling Harbour’s International Convention Centre as its spot.
Betty's Burgers inside
The excitement is high for this new burger bar. On a lazy, weekend afternoon, the line is already out the door. Betty’s is attempting to bring a little bit of beach to Darling Harbour, with ferns hanging from the ceiling, splashes of bright oranges and blue everywhere, branded umbrellas in the courtyard and the Beach Boys blasting out of the speakers. Betty’s Burgers is all about casual dining. You line up, get a buzzer and pick up your own food on a tray and sit where you like. It’s simply buzzing with families, cute couples and keen foodies, ready to try what Betty’s has to offer. So are we.
We decide to go with the two classics – Betty’s Classic and the Crispy Chicken. We pair it with shoestring fries and some thickshakes to top it all off. The creamy thickshake is as thick as you hope it to be, made with their famous blended custard ice-cream. Betty’s offer the usual flavours, with the exciting option of chocolate peanut butter if you want to go all out.
We believe the best ranking system for burger is how much is it willing to make me break into a Sam Jackson impersonation a la Pulp Fiction. As in “that is a tasty burger.” With Betty’s, we can happily say, Jules was in full form. The Betty’s Classic ($10) is well-stocked cheeseburger with an angus beef pattie, lettuce, tomato onion, delicious cheese and Betty’s “special sauce.” The Crispy Chicken is the exact same formula, replacing the angus beef with Betty’s Southern fried chicken. This special sauce is a winner in both burgers, which ties both burgers together. Betty’s Burgers proves that simple is delicious. Burgers don’t have to dripping with sauce or stuffed with insane ingredients to taste good. Betty’s are light burgers, easy to eat and easy to hold. It was gone in just a few bites.
While we went for the classics, there are other enticing burger options include the pork belly burger, with sriracha mayo instead of the special sauce, a veggie “shroom” burger and a naked burger with no bun for the gluten-free, carbs-free fans.
To finish it off, you must try a ‘concrete’ – a Betty’s invention of frozen custard dessert, cream and mix-ins.We decide to try the peanut brittle concrete. ($8) It’s their take on an ice cream sundae, with chocolate custard that tastes like icecream, a delicious vanilla cream and crunchy pieces of peanut brittle. You can also design your own concrete, mixing in your choice of mix-ins from a crazy range of options including krispy kreme doughnuts, sticky date pudding, tutti fruit popcorn and marshmallow sauce.
Betty’s Burgers has only been town for a few weeks and already the American-style burgers are blowing up on social media. The offerings from Betty’s Burgers are simple – pick your burger, pick your side, pick your drink and dessert. They certainly deliver on their much-hyped burger, with all options tasting just as good as they look. Definitely worth dropping into Darling Harbour, grabbing a burger and relaxing in the lovely courtyard for some people-watching. Betty will certainly look after you.
Betty’s Burgers
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