Bulletin Place Welcomes A Vibrant New Cocktail Bar

Bars, Drink, Sydney / 27 June 2023
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Bulletin Place Welcomes A Vibrant New Cocktail Bar

Bars, Drink, Sydney / 27 June 2023

Discover Bar 1880, where history meets cocktails in Circular Quay!

Nestled in the heart of Circular Quay, where Australia’s media history comes alive and the spirit of the legendary Bulletin Magazine thrives, lies Bar 1880—a vibrant cocktail bar that pays homage to Sydney’s bygone era while embracing its bustling port heritage.

Tucked away on the enchanting Bulletin Place, this newly opened two-level bar invites you to revel in its cosy indoor spaces and laneway dining areas, exuding an ambiance that tastefully nods to the past.

As you step into the ‘Headline Bar’ downstairs, adorned with replica press letters embedded in the cobbled path, transport yourself back in time. Close your eyes and imagine the eager paper boys collecting their daily loads, as you sip on a meticulously crafted cocktail. Venture above to the ‘Press Room,’ a hidden gem showcasing uneven floorboards hewn from the original printing press. Antique press trays adorn the walls, proudly preserving the legacy of a bygone era.

Bar 1880 is the brainchild of visionary entrepreneur Harry Morton—a globe-trotting connoisseur who founded a renowned sailing management company. In his travels, Harry meticulously documented his experiences in a little black book, which now serves as the wellspring of inspiration for his dream bar.

“I’ve always sought out hidden gems across the world—those unassuming bars hidden in dark basements or concealed behind mirrors,” Harry explains. With Bar 1880, he draws inspiration from the iconic building’s rich history, reviving forgotten cocktails and inviting patrons to rediscover their magic.

Harry has assembled a distinguished team, including the dynamic French duo: former Zephyr Manager, Didier Nahum, and the acclaimed 2011 French bartender of the year, Alex Raclet. Alex leaves no stone unturned, handcrafting everything in-house. Each day, he carefully selects fresh produce to create inventive signature cocktails that tantalise the senses. Take, for instance, the captivating “Lock Me Up,” an old-fashioned libation featuring sous vide banana, white cacao butter-washed cognac, chestnut, and fino sherry.

Within the Press Room, you’ll find revived classics like the ‘Suffering Bastard, Egypt 1942,’ blending Francois Voyer VS cognac, Hickson dry gin, lime, ginger beer, and bitters. And don’t miss the ‘Don’t Give Up The Ship, England 1941,’ artfully combining Joadja dry gin, Carpano, Curacao, and Fernet. These forgotten concoctions will transport your taste buds through time.

For gin enthusiasts, Bar 1880 offers an impressive selection of over 25 local and artisanal gins. Each one can be skillfully transformed into a martini, ensuring that aficionados can embark on an exciting journey of discovery, one martini at a time.

While the food menu may be modest in size, it is thoughtfully curated. Indulge in generous share platters, brimming with expertly sourced cured meats and cheeses. Delight in the exceptional flavors of high-quality canned sardines imported all the way from Italy.

Drawing inspiration from the illustrious history of the Bulletin Magazine, the bar’s design resonates with a timeless aesthetic. It expertly combines contemporary elements with old-world finishes, creating an atmosphere that exudes warmth and character. Bar 1880 effortlessly channels the spirit of a speakeasy, with its dim lighting, rich dark blue walls, and vintage accents.

1880 is open from 4pm to late Tuesday to Saturday and located next to Tapavino in Bulletin Place laneway. The Headline Bar will be running a $10 Happy Hour from 4pm to 5.30pm.

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