Here’s How To Get The Most Out Of Your Annual Leave This Year

Play, Sydney / 5 January 2024
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Here’s How To Get The Most Out Of Your Annual Leave This Year

Play, Sydney / 5 January 2024

Crack the holiday code.

Think your annual leave is locked in an unbreakable vault of deadlines and emails? Think again, we’ve got the key to turning 2024 into one mini holiday after another, all within your precious 20 days. With a bit of calendar sleuthing and spreadsheet work, you can transform those days into a year full of adventure.

NSW coastline to visit for annual leave hack

Easter as always offers you a four-day feast of freedom, but take just four extra days from your leave calendar from March 25 and turn it into a 10-day affair. But if your wanderlust craves a five-course banquet, double down! Take eight days instead and watch those nine workdays melt into a 16-day extravaganza. Picture sun-drenched beaches, epic brunches, and enough chocolate eggs to rival Willy Wonka’s factory.

April 25th, Anzac Day, stands proud, but we needn’t spend it alone. Snag the Friday after (April 26th) and voila, a four-day respite for quiet contemplation, spontaneous adventures, or simply catching up on the latest bestseller.

June 10th, the King’s Birthday, beckons with the promise of a long weekend. But why stop there? Extend the royal revelry by four days, taking leave from Tuesday, June 11th to Friday, June 14th. Suddenly, a nine-day playground unfolds, ripe for exploring hidden local gems or even chasing a quick overseas jaunt to our tropical neighbours.

October 7th, Labour Day, whispers sweet nothings of rest and relaxation. But who says you have to listen quietly? Grab four days of leave, starting Tuesday, October 8th, and watch that four-day weekend morph into a nine-day symphony of lazy mornings, leisurely lunches, and late-night laughter.

And then finally December arrives, laden with twinkling lights and holiday cheer. But with a little calendar magic, you can unlock so much more. Take your remaining three days on Monday, December 23rd, Tuesday, December 24th and Friday, December 27th, and you have nine blissful days to celebrate, connect, and recharge before the new year rolls in. Feeling ambitious? Stretch it to a 16-day epic by adding Monday, December 30th, Tuesday, December 31st, Thursday, January 2nd, 2025 and Friday, January 3rd. Talk about ringing in the new year!

Remember, these are just the blueprints. Customise them to your wanderlust’s wildest dreams. Explore national parks, chase local festivals, or simply bask in the glorious freedom of having time truly on your side.