22 Of The Best Desserts in Sydney

Cafes, Eat, Food Guide, Guide, Sydney / 24 October 2022
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The Best Bakeries In Sydney

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It’s a big call, but somebody’s gotta make it. And here’s why.

Sydney is known for a lot of things. the sparkling harbour, the sails of the Opera House and heck, even its abundance of great cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants. But you already know that. So, we’re here to prove why Sydney is Australia’s dessert capital with these 22 sweet treats you need to try. Read on for our guide to the best dessert in Sydney.

Top Sweet Treats Sydney
Bourke Street Bakery’s Flourless Belgian Chocolate Cake

This first sweet spot needs no introduction, but we’ll give you one anyway. As one of Sydney’s most iconic neighbourhood bakeries, Bourke Street is the home to delicious pies, bread, tarts, croissants, pastries and more. But our pick of the bunch? Don’t miss the flourless chocolate cake ($6 for a slice for $65 for a large cake). Find out more here.

Top Sweet Treats Sydney
Black Star Pastry’s Strawberry & Watermelon Cake

Earning itself the title of the ‘World’s Most Instagrammed Cake’, Black Star Pastry’s tiered Strawberry and Watermelon Cake is a Sydney icon. With layers of fresh watermelon, rose scented cream and fragrant rose petals, it’s like a dream to eat. Since launching the bakery in 2008, there have been over 1 million slices served every year. Special mention also goes to the Dragon Cake, which is equally as Insta-worthy, with layers of dragonfruit, delicate sponge, pineapple vanilla cream and pomegranate jelly ripples. Find out where to grab yours here.

Top Sweet Treats Sydney
Sweet Belem’s Portuguese Custard Tart

Sweet Belem is a family-run pastry shop in Petersham, specialising in both traditional and modern Portuguese tarts. You’ll find this boutique bakery in the heart of Petersham, stocked full of delicious tarts and pastries crafted using free-range eggs. Find out more here.

Top Sweet Treats Sydney
Quay’s Snow Egg

It might not be on Quay’s menu anymore, but we think this showstopping dessert deserves a mention. The Snow Egg was first added to the fine diner’s menu in 2008 by Peter Gilmore, with the dish rising to fame following its appearance on the 2010 finale of MasterChef. True Sydneysiders will remember the Snow Egg as one of the best desserts in Sydney, in all its meringue and granita goodness. Find out more about Quay here.

Top Sweet Treats Sydney
Devon Cafe’s DD Special

We’ve all done this one before: ordered a box of fries and a soft serve and enjoyed the sweet-meets-salty delight that is combining the two. But at Devon Cafe, you can order it all in one. The ‘DD Special’ delivers oh-so-crunchy chips with creamy sweet corn soft serve ice cream to create a decadent dessert. Find out more here.

Top Sweet Treats Sydney
Bennelong’s Pavlova

For a fine dining marvel that looks almost too good to eat, take a seat at Bennelong in the Sydney Opera House to enjoy the iconic pavlova. Served with passionfruit cream and shards of meringue that replicate the sails of the Opera House, let’s just say this is one of Sydney’s most iconic desserts. Find out more here.

Top Sweet Treats Sydney
Aqua S’ Sea Salt Soft Serve

Bringing a taste of Japan to the shores of Sydney, this iconic sweet treat is worth queuing for. Aqua S delivers delicious, Instagrammable soft serves, including their iconic aqua blue sea salt soft serve. You can find them in the CBD, Chatswood and Macquarie Shopping Centre. Find out more here.

Top Sweet Treats Sydney
Brewtown Newtown’s Cronuts

This inner west favourite has been serving up some of Australia’s most iconic desserts: freshly baked cronut. Combining the flaky goodness of croissants with oh-so-sweet doughnuts, get your hands on this decadent sweet treat from the Newtown cafe Brewtown. Find out more here.

Top Sweet Treats Sydney
Saint Peter’s Lemon Tart

Paddington’s Saint Peter knows how to serve delicious Australian fish. But what you might not know is they’re also renowned for their desserts, most of all, their lemon tart. If you can nab one fresh from the oven, you’re in for a real treat of sweet, citrus-infused goodness. Find out more here.

Top Sweet Treats Sydney
Pasticceria Papa’s Ricotta Cannoli

Bringing an authentic taste of Italy to the heart of Sydney, Pasticceria Papa is an Australian gem. Using fine Italian ingredients, their ricotta cannoli is one of the country’s best. Special mention also goes to the famous baked ricotta cake, a secret traditional recipe that results in the most fluffy, light cheesecake you may ever try. With three locations across Sydney, find your nearest one here.

Top Sweet Treats Sydney
Saga’s Mini Pavlova

Stuffed with passionfruit curd, coconut chew, vanilla Chantilly and topped with seasonal fruit, this Enmore bakery knows how to make the perfect Pav. The best bit? These are individually portioned so you’ll never need to share. Find out more about Saga here.

Iggy’s Butter Croissant

If you find yourself in Bronte on a weekend morning, you’ll know why Iggy’s is on this list. This bakery attracts huge crowds, all hoping to score a flaky butter croissant, fresh bread or delicious baked goods. In our humble opinion, these are some of the best. So head down to Iggy’s post-swim this Summer to try one of the best desserts in Sydney. Find out more here.

Top Sweet Treats Sydney
KOI Dessert Bar’s Green Tea Rose Ganache Celebration Cake

As one of Sydney’s leading dessert-focused restaurants, KOI Dessert Bar has made a name for itself as one of the best spots to grab a sweet treat. And when it comes to celebrating a big occasion, you can’t go past their green tea ganache celebration cake (or really anything from their delicious menu). Find out more here.

Top Sweet Treats Sydney
Cow & the Moon’s Banana Salted Caramel Gelato

There’s nothing like a delicious scoop of gelato, and Enmore’s Cow & the Moon makes some of Sydney’s best. We adore their creamy banana salted caramel gelato, as well as any of their 26 rotating flavours. Find out more here.

Top Sweet Treats Sydney
Flour and Stone’s Lamingtons

No matter the occasion, Flour and Stone’s delectable lamingtons will do the trick. This Woolloomooloo bakery makes some of Sydney’s best-baked goods, including this delicious treat made with a vanilla sponge soaked in pannacotta, berry compote centre, dark chocolate and flaked coconut. Find out more here.

Top Sweet Treats Sydney
Love Crepe’s Elle Crepe

Specialising in sweet and savoury hand-held crepes, artisanal gelato and delicious shakes, Drummoyne’s Love Crepe is a must-visit sweet spot. Make sure to try their ‘Elle’ sweet crepe, loaded with Nutella, strawberry creme, fresh strawberries and crushed Oreos. Find out more here.

Sixpenny’s Carrot Cake

Now, this might sound simple but trust us. You’ll want to grab a slice of Sixpenny’s incredible carrot cake, refined yet oh-so-delicious. Find out more here.

Kurtosh’s Kürtősh

Since 2011, the team from Kurtosh have been serving up delicious coffee and cakes by weight (meaning you can order as much or as little as you like). Don’t miss their freshly baked Kurtosh (a Hungarian pastry famously known as a chimney cake), perfect alongside a hot pot of tea. Find out more here.

Gelato Messina’s Dulce De Leche

Gelato Messina has been serving up some of the best gelato in Australia to Sydneysiders since 2002, so if you haven’t tried it yet, here is your sign. The Dulce De Leche is basically pure gold, made with their very own house made dulce de leche. Go one step further and try a scoop of the Super Dulce, which has glistening swirls of the Dulce de leche throughout. Find out more here.

Gram Japanese Souffle Pancakes

Gram Cafe & Pancakes’ Souffle Pancakes

With the first Australian outpost of Gram Cafe & Pancakes opening in 2020, these souffle pancakes still take the cake for one of the best desserts in Sydney. The signature souffle like batter is whipped, steamed under metal domes, and cooked until perfectly golden to achieve these pillows of goodness. Go for the signature Premium Pancake, or try any of the variations that are bound to be just as good. Our pick is the Tiramisu Pancakes, served with mascarpone tiramisu cream. Find out more here.

Anita Gelato’s Cookieman

Visit Anita Gelato in Bondi or Chippendale and take a step into gelato heaven. They offer a huge selection of gelato flavours, toppings, and a luxe frozen yoghurt bar. For us, the Cookieman is the winner, with a heavenly mix of meringue, hazelnuts and biscuits. Find out more here.

Flour & Stone’s Lemon Dream Cake

Layers of light as a feather buttercake, meringue, lemon curd, and double cream combine to make one of the most delicious cakes we’ve ever tasted. Perfect for special celebrations or just afternoon tea, the Lemon Dream is one of the endless reasons we love Woolloomooloo’s iconic bakery, Flour and Stone. Find out more here.


Frequently asked questions:
What are the best dessert bars in Sydney?

Must-visit dessert bars in Sydney include KOI Dessert Bar, Love Crepe in Drummoyne, and Saga in Enmore.

Where can I get the best gelato in Sydney?

For the best gelato in Sydney, visit Cow & the Moon in Enmore, Anita Gelato in Chippendale or Bondi, or Gelato Messina with multiple locations across Sydney. 

Where can I get the best cakes in Sydney?

For the best cakes in Sydney, visit KOI Dessert Bar, Saga in Enmore, Flour and Stone in Woolloomooloo, and Black Star Pastry with multiple locations.