Valhalla, Olderfleet Building, Collins Street, Melbourne

Bars, Drink, Melbourne / 3 May 2021
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Valhalla, Olderfleet Building, Collins Street, Melbourne

Bars, Drink, Melbourne / 3 May 2021

Work Club Global launches Valhalla at Olderfleet, bringing Scandinavian style and simplicity to Melbourne’s bar scene.

In Norse mythology, Vikings who died heroically in battle would be received in the afterlife in the majestic hall of Valhalla, a place of glory, peace and happiness. If the urban 9 to 5 is starting to feel like a battleground, Work Club Global’s latest venture, Valhalla at Olderfleet, is just the place to sneak away to to find inner city peace. And while you wont find Odin and Co. in residence at Melbourne’s subterranean Valhalla, with one of Drinks World’s Top 100 Bartenders behind the bar, we’re sure you’ll find plenty of spirits to lift yours.

Work Club Founder, Soren Trampedach’s goal is to create what he calls a “connected human ecosystem” at Olderfleet, and crafting Valhalla into an after work haven is an integral part of that ecosystem. Tucked away in the basement level of the heritage building, far below the chaos of dinging trams and office deadlines, Valhalla is an oasis of calm that feels completely separate from the bustle above.

Taking design inspiration from Nordic simplicity, Valhalla pairs deep hues of green and blue that create a chill, modern vibe, with the rustic, raw design elements of the building, honouring Olderfleet’s iconic place in Melbourne’s heritage, Dimmed, moody lighting creates a feeling of intimacy and calm that makes Valhalla the perfect space to wind down with a cocktail or two.

Valhalla Cocktails

On that front, Valhalla’s drinks menu is a mix of cocktails designed to showcase Australian spirits and ingredients from local foragers and producers, as well as craft beers and house-made mixers. Behind the bar you’ll find Tony Huang, one of the world’s top 100 mixologists, who has created cocktails that will delight and intrigue even those hard to impress friends.

We loved the Loki – a sweet and refreshing mix of Marionette Peach Liqueur, Cocchi Americano, Cancia Brut and Never Never Aquavit that is as cheeky as its namesake – as well as the Bestla – a new take on the gin sour that muddles in honey and mint for a drink that is as comforting as it is delicious. For those with a sweet and flirty side, check out the Lunda, and you’ll be rewarded with an indulgent blend of Amontillado sherry, maple, apple and riberry shrub.

Valhalla food

Valhalla will also be serving up a menu of snacks and sharing dishes to accompany your tipple of choice, such as customisable cheese and charcuterie boards sourced from local producers and suppliers that make the most of fresh, seasonal produce and native ingredients to showcase the creativity and freshness we have on offer in Victoria, with Scandinavian touches of course.

Valhalla is now open at Olderfleet on Collins Street, so head down and check it out for a little respite from the rat race.

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