Cheese the Day at UGO Burrata Bar at South Melbourne Market

Eat, Restaurants / 29 January 2024

UGO Burrata Bar, located in South Melbourne Market’s Deli Aisle, transforms the cheese experience. Specialising in burrata, a cheese from Puglia, Italy, it offers a unique blend of mozzarella and cream. The bar’s dishes, both sweet and savoury, feature the freshest market ingredients, showcasing this celebrated cheese.

The Evolution of UGO

UGO emerged from the expansion of Cannoleria and That’s Amore Cheese’s collaboration. The opening of UGO Cucina|Popolare marked its first step, focusing on paninis. UGO Fitzroy followed, along with a foray into catering and private chef services. Named after the iconic Italian character Ugo Fantozzi, UGO mirrors his attributes in its culinary offerings – a blend of simplicity and excellence in Italian cuisine.

Explore Sweet & Savoury Burrata Delights

UGO turns the burrata into an all-day star. Morning options include toast with bacon jam and avocado, or bagels with heirloom tomatoes, both crowned with burrata. The menu offers varied combinations like Cocomero with mortadella and watermelon, and Finocchiona with fennel salami. Vegetarian delights and sweet dishes like Dolce, pairing baba crumble with burrata, enrich the menu.

A visit to UGO Burrata Bar is more than a meal. It’s an exploration of burrata’s versatility. Here, you’ll enjoy this exquisite cheese in innovative pairings, promising a memorable culinary journey.

A Cheese Lover’s Destination

UGO Burrata Bar is not just a place to eat. It’s a destination for cheese lovers and culinary explorers. Positioned in the vibrant South Melbourne Market, it invites patrons to enjoy burrata’s creamy texture and rich flavour in creative, quality dishes.